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2000 Shock In Moscow

Shocked Into Alarm: On May 16 of 2000 I went to Moscow and then to  Olga's home in the Caucuses before returning home June 2 . I returned to Russia in August to marry Olga. We were in Moscow during the metro bombing August 8. We were registering for the month wait before marrying in Moscow on September 9. The bombing was a shock made real when we had to walk through the subway hall where the people were murdered.

Look at the horror below! We had to walk down these stairs!

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Tuesday, 8 August, 2000, 21:47 GMT 22:47 UK
In pictures: Moscow's bomb horror
Eight people died and more than 50 were injured after a bomb ripped through one of Moscow's busiest underground walkways creating carnage during rush hour.
Subway entrance
Firefighters who entered the subway found debris everywhere


A young girl is led to safety
Survivors staggered from the scene shocked, wounded and covered in blood


A badly burned girl tries to stand up
Clusters of people stood dazed, some looking for relatives
A rescuer comforts a woman
A rescuer comforts one victim, while another awaits medical attention
A volunteer tends to an injured woman
Many were badly burned and their clothing was shredded by the force of the blast
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