Moslems To Need Help - Part 6 
1. A letter (Now in a London Library) From: Shah of Shahs, Shah of Persia and Beyond, Shah of many Kingdoms, Shah of Aryans and Non Aryans, Shah of Persians and many other races as well as Arabs, Shahanshah of Persian Empire, Yazdgird III Sassanid
To: Omar Ibn Al Khatab, Khalifat of Tazi (Persian term for Arabs) .

Introduction To Societal Background Part 1
1. Intent to organize to assist in gestalt formation.
2. The purpose is to help another see from their own experience the true and false realities I will talk about.
3. Born in Pennsylvania, brought up in western New York. My education taught me human culture started in the fertile crescent, then Greek, then Roman, then Christian Catholic.
4. My northern European background had demonized the Roman Catholic Church.
5. I knew nothing about Islam. The evil was the Catholic Church that had corrupted Christianity.
6. Now I understand that the Islamic Totalitarianism had dominated Spain for

Stephen Hawkins's Multiple Big Bangs - Biblical Creation from Nothing and Big Bust

Contents 9/5/2010
1. Hawking's Multiple Big Bangs. Poof! Something from nothing.
2. Creation from gravity shown false at:
3. Harold Camping - So called Biblical Creation.
4. More magic creation. Poof! Something from nothing.
5. In God we live and move and have our being.
6. Space, Mater and Motion are infinite and eternal.
7. Background:
7.1 Abram:
Abram's father moved from Ur to Haran. In earlier day Ur was an urban center and had been an early ocean port where the early ocean sailors told of knowing position by the stars. From this the early people came to worship planets as wandering stars. Abram knew about the empty point in the sky that all stars and planets moved around. When they moved north where they worshiped sticks and stones (with child sacrifice) Abram rebelled and worshiped the "Most High Unseen God". Abram is the archetype for accepting God and rejecting child sacrifice. He sought to found a new society (Zion) where God would be respected and children would be safe.
7.2 Moses:
Moses is the archetype law and order founder that even Pharaoh (who could order life and death) was subject to. Along with Joshua they are the Archetype founders of Zion (a place of and order that even societies could be guilt and worthy of death to make it safe for peace and child safety)
7.3 Jesus (the Christ):
All were found guilty by the law and separated from God by priests. All the people of God were individually guilty but sanctified (separated from the corrupt child murdering cultures). Jesus offered Salvation (a direct relationship with God) By "being born again". Born again is taking on a new culture of true love on all levels growing from Narcisstic to Homoerotic to Hetroerotic (love of spouse) to love of  Baby and Home to love of Community to love of State to love of Man kind to love of God (from which and in which all is created).
7.4 "The Spirit of Truth":
Born again into individual sovereignty in love we explore and discover physical and behavioral reality learning the truth by our own experience and experimentation. The description of a thing or behavior is "NOT" the thing or behavior. In reality we live and move and have our being. There is nothing outside the infinite and eternal Space, Matter and Motion of reality and the forms it takes!

What Killed The Dinosaurs and What Causes Earthquakes? 

CONTENTS September 6, 2010
Overview: Last days of the dinosaurs, what killed them? How the cotenants were formed. What distributed the cotenants. Why the moon faces the earth. The cause of moon-earth spin. The cause of weather patterns. Why clouds rotate the  way they do. The main causes of mountain building and earthquakes.  
1. Earth facing th sun showing the development of Pangea showing the location of major Dinosaur fossil finds and indicating the early ring of life.
2. The Earth (like all planets and moons) had a history of violent collisions.
3. The Moon occupied a Lagrangian point (a point in the same orbit as the Earth).
4. Demonstrating the Earth-Moon collision and the breakup of Pangea.
5. Evidence of the collision: 
5a. Water (Ice) found on the moon's surface. 
5b. Tidal acceleration showing the growing separation after collision. (School and University book learning harms our intuitive understanding.)
5c. The Earth-Moon spin fits.
5d. The smooth face of the moon from collision.
5e. The Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) Boundary and dinosaur fossils 65 million yeas ago date the collision.
6. The Coriolis  force:
6a. Causing the spiraling of clouds and objects moving on surface.
6b. Causing opposite spins in the North and South Hemispheres.
6c. Causing Continents to be pulled toward the Equator.
6d. Causing Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountain building.
6e. The danger to Life on Earth. That the Earth was stable long enough to have intelligent life evolve defies Time and Chance.
7. The most purposeful thing we could do is to act intelligently and work to save Intelligent Life by spreading it to other Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies.
8. We need healthy Mothering. We need providing building and protecting Fathers to build healthy communities and healthy societies!