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We Need Computers And Software Skills.

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While there are exceptions of a child growing up with good character even though the mother conceived having illicit sex and the child's father was committing adultery leaving the child fatherless. To me it is a crime against a child that leaves it a lower than normal probability of a strong character and a higher than normal probability of having a degraded character.  The child is not responsible for the sins of there parents but as a victim the sins of the parents are visited on the children due to there being deprived of a healthy infant and child development environment.

Of my four female children (daughters and step daughters) three have had a child out of wedlock. My first wife took my home family and income when my children were 7,8 and 9. She was able to frustrate visitation and custody so that I had no part in my children's lives. After 15 years of living single my first wife died and I had a second marriage. It  was to a widow of ten years with a daughter 16 and twin boys 12. She only lived with me a few weeks when I turned down meeting in my home (events in my home disqualified me as a deacon) and she left because of it and divorced me. Nine years later I married a Russian widow of 10 years with a daughter 20.

To me it is a crime the way the social welfare systems are rewarding the crime of irresponsible pregnancy rather than punishing. Then the government punishes responsible homes and parents by taxing them to pay for irresponsible people and their children. Then there is the degrading of the social environment  and public schools with children the products of irresponsible parenting.

As a Physics teacher confronting the Superintendent over his corruption and manipulation of community-school committees, he learned I was certified to teach mathematics. He had the Curriculum Coordinator construct a math course for me called "Math for the building trades", I called it "math for the bad boys!" Many of the boys were troubled teens from fatherless homes. I had a parents meeting and made contracts on how we would deal with dysfunctional behavior and not attending to the work so as to pass the course. I got to see how out of control some parents are and how out of control some students were. Worst were the fatherless boys. I would call the mother about her son not doing his home work and they told me openly that there was nothing they could do that there son was out of control.

I just got through listening to Radio Europe talking about a homosexual soccer team and a homosexual Muslim from Paris that has a call in radio show that works to advocate for gay and lesbian parenting and against homophobia. This advocacy of homosexuality is to much for me when I know that nearly all healthy grade school students prefer same sex friendships. This is not normally a period of sexual awakening. The sexual awakening usually waits till the heterosexual teen years. To introduce children to sexually stimulating discussions to me is a crime!

I remember the year after my father was killed in an accident. I was in 7th grade and they started drug awareness education. Before that I did not even here of marijuana in my community.  After the drug awareness education in the New York State recommended curriculum with in a few years it was prevalent. My second year in 7th grade my mother remarried and we moved to Kenmore (a Buffalo suburb). I had to ride a bus which saved me from the project gangs that were collecting protection money or beating kids on the walk to school. With in two years the harassment stopped. The project gangs had discovered marijuana and were off somewhere getting high! Is that what makes a healthy community? No! And it does not build character any more than the project gangs from the mostly fatherless homes.

I understand that in part Nazism was a reaction to the social decadence caused by Communism but it had a form of insanity where it reasoned perfectly on a false assumption that race purity and superiority would solve the problem. There were arrangements for model Nazi soldiers to father children with single mothers while on furlough! Well it is true that parents need healthy genes for physically healthy infants but then it is the social mammalian needs that determine early development.

Any one that forms the necessary caring bond with their child is going to feel joy and pain. That is why the bond of two parents is so important, when something painful happens the sharing of parents makes it possible to handle problems in a healthier way. Also, the caring of a father often protects the child's developmental freedom that over mothering at later stages can stifle.

Being your own person comes with a price, some authority figures will label and dehumanize you! They are like a dog taken from it's mother to young. They don't have healthy mammalian animal parts!

My Thesis on Computers (a product of healthy development) is that society needs to reward private homes where the mother is able to form a nursing bond with her children and is a home maker for her family. Where the father is involved in a providing, guiding and protecting way with his wife and children. That children need to be involved in a hands on way with their parents in the activities that meet the needs of the home for food, cleaning and maintenance. No child in the "me do" stage should be discouraged from active involvement. When I was painting the house and my son three wanted to help I gave him a brush dipped in the paint tinted cleaning water and he learned to use the brush. When my daughters wanted to help their mother with washing the dishes we put a chair to the sink and let them wash. So what if we had to put the finishing touches on.

Moral Authority Breakdown

In the 1800's my great grand parents lived in a different world where the men were the land owners and moral authority to raise a family. There had been wide spread affluence and the upper class women in both the north and south had servants as wet nurses and nannies (proxy mothers and maids). I knew elderly eye witnesses to the later part of this period, in 1943 and 44 I knew a man (Ella Flaurent's father) who when he was 4 years old had seen President Lincoln at a campaign stop in Buffalo. I heard and saw pictures of the Buffalo avenues with families strolling in their Sunday dress.

This was before women's liberation. Even in the 1950's there were still "blue laws" where no shops were open and no alcohol sold on Sunday. While no one wants abuse of women or children, the cries of Sociopathic products of the affluent's substitute mothers affluent Marriage 3 Feminist Movement

Feminist movement

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The feminist movement (also known as the Women's Movement or Women's Liberation) is a series of campaigns on issues such as reproductive rights (sometimes including abortion), domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. The goals of the movement vary from country to country, e.g. opposition to female genital cutting in Sudan, or to the glass ceiling in Western countries.

We need a few important points here to put matters in prospective. Every conception is a moral issue involving mother, father and conceived. Socialism has moved the issue to every one do what they want and the society is responsible. This is a recipe for the breakdown of a society! Moral authority can be misused but its rightful function is to protect the unborn!

From commune experience it is clear that "everybody's baby is nobodies baby!" It is generated by a breakdown in the maternal bond. Today Spain is in turmoil as the legislature is about to pass a law for abortion on demand. Not only that irresponsible pregnancy is legal but society (you and I) must pay to murder the unwanted life!

Rather than making the controlling (violating fetal right to life and responsible conception) person responsible for their actions we are making innocent people pay for a crime against humanity!

Every person that survives the first two years of life has a fetal and suckling life stage in them that was able to feel enough of a maternal bond to be able to take nourishment and not die from vomiting and diarrhea. This means that every one that survives has a primal reaction to motherhood and infant suffering. These two facts have created multibillion dollar a year United Nations, National, State, Regional and Local Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies with huge payrolls and high salaries with the only free market component being "Who can spend the most on advertising and get the most free advertising"

I was Chairperson of the Board for a seventeen church charity CEM in buffalo. I also organized a seminar on "The Needs Of Children" at the UU Church the drew many outsiders as I had speakers like the Buffalo Commissioner of Health, Dr. Donafareio of the Western New York Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic (the main referral clinic for western New Your schools), the former head of the Buffalo Psychiatric Hospital Dr. Shutkeker (the only one to order a lobotomy at the Buffalo Veteran's Hospital).

It was at this seminar I learned from Dr. Donafareio that it was not the out of control street boys that ended up functionally disabled for life. That they were learning social skills with their peers. He said that the life time functionally disabling thing for the late teens that were referred to the clinic was that they had not had the freedom to play with others during their developmental years. Later I noted that a single child son of a dentist that was not permitted to have free play with others had done well in High School grades and went

After this I was invited to help revive a Children's Charity that had been associated with the Presbyterian Church. After a few meetings it became clear that I was working with a bunch of out of work Social Workers who were trying to create jobs and salaries for themselves as their main motivation.

We need to come to grips with reality here. Conception is a legal issue involving the rights of the unborn and responsibilities of the parents. Responsibility must rest with those that have control. Child care and focusing on raising people that can make a healthy home and marriage that will give a healthy child rearing environment must be preeminent. That some don't want a child or are unable or unwilling to provide a healthy marriage and home, to bring a conception into, must not have the legal right to commit crimes against the unborn!

Our society need to legislate the moral authority to punish crimes against the unborn and born, and reward those that have responsible homes and marriages by not taxing them. Then we need a universal education of children of their rights and responsibilities at an age appreciate time so that they are held morally and legally responsible for their action. Every child that is able to conceive or cause conception need to have received the moral and legal instructions for appreciate behavior. That conceptual sex is reserved for a planed event and supported by a healthy home and marriage!

Those who violate the unborn's rights need to be heal legally and morally responsible and prevented from being able to repeat the crime. While those able to responsible have children need to be encouraged and rewarded.

Sunday 2008-10-18

Dear Dewey,

I hope this finds you and Elizabeth well.

I am writing to tell you of my situation here. As I told you, I trusted to put this apartment in Olga's name because I was not a resident at the time and they advised me that it was very difficult to have foreigners own property in Russia so I trusted Olga when the time came to leave Russia. Also, in case we were killed in a plane accident or bombing (there were two on our route to the Caucuses) she agreed in front of the notary that she would make out a will that if we died the property would be evenly split between our four children. We needed to go back to America and waited. I let it drift a couple years and asked Olga to start the will making process. To my surprise she refused. She said that was her security and if she needed medical care in the future she may need to sell it. Then I discovered that the remaining ~2000 dollars of the pay back of 10,000 , I had lent her brother to help buy a bus for his driving business, was gone from our joint account. Gradually we needed that money in Russia and she paid bills with it but it had caused me to default on a credit card loan and my interest rates on about $16,000 went from an average of about 7% to 24%. That cost about $3000 a year for two years and last summer I got a Credit Union Home Equity Loan to pay them off and brought the interest rate down to under 7% this summer.

Last year at this time I had an action for divorce on the grounds above. The Judge had the hearing and was granting the divorce when I withdrew my action. She said the withdrawal was ok and the action could be reinstated if I wished at a later date.

Since last Spring since her grand daughter was born with her daughter not married, Olga and here daughter are on the phone when apart and Olga is usually there from noon till about 9 pm most days when we are here.

After a week of difficulty I found out the the father's name is not on the birth certificate. It turns out he is still married and would have to pay Anna 25% of his income for child support. Anna gets much less than that from welfare but says she dose not want to offend the father that he is visiting (whether for sex or the baby or both I do not know). This liberated world troubles me deeply.

I did not want to be part of this and went to the attorney to reinstate the divorce process yesterday (Saturday). I was over come with grief all yesterday afternoon.  About 9pm my one English speaking friend here came and we walked and talked in the park. Then we sat and he explained to me what was going on with Olga: I am 70 and Olga is 52. In Russia it is common for the grandma to baby set for her grand children and in turn her children take care of her in her old age. When I heard this my deep grieving left me. My main concern was not just my thought of loneliness and four closest soul brothers and sister have died. Most of my grieving was concern for leaving Olga here. It turns out that this is not a problem for her in fact is would make her happy.

If Olga comes back with me it will again leave her unhappy and under distress. If I come back with out her I have the question of weather to free my self with divorce or keep attached and send her the money I get for being married. I care about her enough to want to help her so I will probably again stop the divorce process.

In any case you are one of my few remaining close friends and I hope my personal difficulty does not discourage you or your friendship.

If the Lord gives you any thoughts please feel free to share them.

Your Brother in Jesus, Don.