0 - 7 Thesis 7.2 In Depth 7.2.15 Purpose





God's laws of survival (what makes babies is what makes the genetics of the future) made men and women's brains different. The women that cared for the day to breastfeed babies and care for the young to be fed and sheltered is part of the female human brain genetics. But, to think ahead about the hunt tomorrow or battle with another tribe based on what was experience yesterday is part of the male human brain genetics. So men caring about tomorrow more than women caring about tomorrow is a God given reality.

Also, the mammalian genetic background of alpha-male rape and domination (and the female behavior that attracted the alpha-male) has left genetic markers and one of them is female resentment of the male. In humans, with the development of logical speech, women tend to project this onto the product of the rape (the child). The great apes and lesser mammals do not have the logic to associate the baby months later with the rape so mothers do not do infanticide and often breastfeed till the second molars.

Abraham stopped child sacrifice, Moses brought laws that even Pharaoh was held responsible for his behavior and Jesus brought us a caring relationship with our source of existence. May we not have irresponsible conception and abortion of healthy babies. May babies be to mothers that can give the mammalian maternal nursing bond with mother in the home and fathers that provide for and protect their families while they give the care and discipline that the children respect their home and parents.

By the way: God is everything not created and not destroyed, and we are made out of His dirt. We are like a cell in God's body. While we live we can contribute, do nothing, do harm or be a cancer cell and spread destruction threw the body!.