7.2.16 Animal In Us

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 Anthroculture 7.2.14

7.2.15 Thesisize The Synthesize Of The Contraries, Analysis and Observations Of The Brain And Nervous System


 Introduction Brain Evolution And How We Know Birthing And Mammalian Maternal Nursing Bond
The Stages Of Brain Development Disabling Brain Development Beware Of Doctors! The Adult brain The elderly brain Male/Female differences Racial Differences Brain/Body Modification Investigating the brain/body Evolution Of The Brain The Stages Of Brain Development Nerve Growth Factor In The Brain Disabling Brain Development Male/Female differences Racial Differences The Adult Brain. The elderly brain Brain/Body Modification.



To Grow Healthy Infants We Need To Understand

The Mammalian Nursing Bond!

Healthy Maternal Nursing Bond Respected!


We Want Infant's Right To A
15 Body/Brain Development Exists.

To Understand Body/Brain Development

We Need To Understand The Animals In Us!

How To Raise Healthy Children.

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Diagram 15 In Body/Brain I Exist! 



Physiological Foundations Of Psychology