7-2-16 Animal In Us

0 Contents 7 Thesisize 7-2 Level

 Anthroculture 7-2-14

7-2-15 * Thesisize The Synthesis, Contraries, Analysis and Observations Of The Human Body



7-2-15-0 Brain Evolution And How We Know  
7-2-15-1 Birthing And Mammalian Maternal Nursing Bond
The Stages Of Brain Development
7-2-15-3 Disabling Brain Development
7-2-15-4 Beware Of Doctors! 
7-2-15-5 The Adult brain   
7-2-15-6 The elderly brain
7-2-15-7 Male/Female differences
7-2-15-8 Racial Differences
7-2-15-9 Brain/Body Modification


 7-2-15-0 Investigating the brain/body
 7-2-15-1 Evolution Of The Brain
 7-2-15-2 The Stages Of Brain Development
 7-2-15-3 Nerve Growth Factor In The Brain 
 7-2-15-4 Disabling Brain Development 
 7-2-15-5 Male/Female differences  
 7-2-15-6 Racial Differences
 7-2-15-7 The Adult Brain. 
 7-2-15-8 The elderly brain
 7-2-15-9 Brain/Body Modification.



To Grow Healthy Infants We Need To Understand

The Mammalian Nursing Bond!

Healthy Maternal Nursing Bond Respected!


We Want Infant's Right To A
15 Body/Brain Development Exists.

To Understand Body/Brain Development

We Need To Understand The Animals In Us!

How To Raise Healthy Children.

We Understand

Diagram 15 In Body/Brain I Exist! 



Physiological Foundations Of Psychology