7-2-13 Individual

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Marriage 7-2-11

7-2-12 * Thesis On Parenting In Stages Of Healthy Child Development  



7-2-12-0 Thesis On Child's Rights And Responsibilities
7-2-12-1 Thesis On Responsibilities Of Neighborhood Home Development
7-2-12-2 Thesis On Responsibilities Of The Father 
7-2-12-3 Thesis On Responsibilities Of the Mother * 7-2-11-3-4 Autism
7-2-12-4 Thesis On Responsibilities Of The Neighborhood
7-2-12-5 Thesis On Responsibilities Of The Community, Types Of Child Care
7-2-12-6 Thesis On Home Family Values
7-2-12-7 Thesis On Neighborhood Guidance
7-2-12-8 Thesis On Preparation For Freedom
7-2-12-9 Thesis On Respect For Infants and Elders 

To Understand Healthy Marriage We Need

Healthy Parenting

Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Parenting

  I Understand
12 Parenting.

To Understand Healthy Parenting

We Need Insights Into Healthy Individuals!

Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Development

  I Understand


Diagram 12 Parenting