7-2-08 Community

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State 7-2-06

7-2-07 * Thesis From Synthesis Of Contraries And Analysis  Of Society's Observations 






7-2-07-0 Hunter/Gatherer Societies 
7-2-07-1 Mammoth Hunting Societies
7-2-07-2 Tribal Agriculture Societies
7-2-07-3 Protected Societies
7-2-07-4 Development of class structure
7-2-07-5 The Degradation Of Affluence
7-2-07-6 The Farm Family Social Development
7-2-07-7 Relatively Safe Areas To Travel
7-2-07-8 The Break Down Of The Home and Family
7-2-07-9 The Foundation For A Future Healthy Society

Genetic Background
Self (Narcissistic)
 Like Self (Homoerotic)
 Not Like Self (Hetroerotic)
 Home and Child (Altruistic)
Community - Parks & Schools
Society - Concern for Future
 State - World of Work & War
Eternity - Life's Purpose 
 Elderly Decline

To Understand A Healthy State

We Need Social Behavior Insights.

A Healthy Society.


We Understand. We Help Secure
7 Societies.

To Understand Healthy Societies

We Need Healthy Community Insights.

A Contributing Member Of The Community

We Understand. We Are

Diagram 7 Society.




The purposes of the New United Nations (defined as the highest international authority) is to:

  1. Constitute a government modeled after the United States of America. 

  2. Elect married successful grandparent couples (with the male as spokesman) to positions of Judicial, Executive and legislative NUN authority that have served in similar positions on the National Level.

  3. Protect Nations from each other.

  4. Provide a legal framework for International free trade.

  5. Provide a legal framework for defining International Crime and Punishment.

  6. Provide a framework for International police to cooperate in apprehending and prosecuting international criminals.

  7. Provide a legal framework for monitoring and prosecuting Nations for failure to protect their lower level of government's rights and responsibilities.