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 Awareness 7.2.4

7.2.5 Thesis On Civilizing

Synthesis Introduction To Human Origin Out Of Eden - Male Teams, Tools And Fire Logic And Language Leading To Infanticide Wholly Mammoth Sailing And The Night Sky Domestication Of Animals Family Farming, Father Head Of Family,
            Children A Valued Asset And Respect For Elders Mammoth Hunters As Global Sailors Trade The City State And Upper Class Degeneration Genetic Gender Polarization
            Expressed In Religion And Politics Child Needs And Gender Difference Respected,
            Using True Science To Breed True Respect And
            Care For Self, Others And The Future Of Civilization.

To understand Awareness we need to

Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.
We Are Aware. We Are Discovering
5 The Laws Physical And Behavioral Reality!

To discover and pass these on

We Need A Secure Society.

We Contribute To Present & Future Security.

We Understand.


Figure 5 Intelligent Lives That Communicate

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Counter ancient-humans-100,000bc Mammoths-Human 22,000bc.pdf Mammoth bone homes 13,000bc gobekli-tepe-12,000bc bug-dniester-culture-65,000bc Europe 6,000bc Black Sea 6,000bc Ships and Stars 6,000 bc Origin - Primitive worship was respect for nature Shore and River Sailing Trade Agriculture Brought Settlements and Produce Attacks Brought Forts And A Class Structure Affluence Brought Wet Nurses and Baby Setters -
             The effect of affluence - Deprivation Brought Child Sacrifice
             Sadomasochism, Narcissism, Homoerotic Behavior
             And Son's Of The Powerful - Mix Of Priests, Officers And Rulers Domestication Of The Horse - The Conquest and State Building European and Oriental Family Farms Brought Caring Anthropoculture European and Oriental Caring Civilization Brings Laozi, Christ And Buddha Male Dominated Socialism And Affluence (Fascism - Islam) -
             Female Dominated (Catholicism - Socialism) -
             Women's Liberation And The End Of Mammalian Maternal Nursing 
             Male Dominated Cult With Birthing Policy Ends Civil Society Democratically The Knowledge Of Laws Of Child Development Brings A Benevolent Dictator
             The Restores The Respect For Children's Need For 
              A Mammalian Maternal Nursing Bond And Caring Paternal Guidance.