7-2-06 State 

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  Awareness 7-2-04

7-2-05 * Thesisize The Struggle To Civilize


Mohammad, Islamic Terror, And Murder Cults


7-2-05-0 Anthropoculture Evolution, Alpha-Male, Human Hunter Gatherer And Logical Language.
7-2-05-1 Mammoth Hunters, Big Boats, Migration, Cast System and Sophistry Of The "gods".
7-2-05-2 Maternal Infanticide And Abraham - The Archetype For Ending Infanticide.
7-2-05-3 Moses, The Ten Commandments And Theocratic Murder Cult.
7-2-05-4 Jesus Confronted Theocratic Murder Cult To Set Us Free,  Started Home Fellowships, Was Murdered, 
                    Home Fellowship Spreads And Then False Authoritarian Theocratic Reward And Punishment Cults Grow.
7-2-05-5 Mohammad, Islamic Murder Cult's Origin, Terror, And  Slavery. 
                   Then Arab, Persian, Berber And Turkic Ethnic Divides.
7-2-05-6 Jewish Service to Islam In Spain, Autocratic Lords  In  Europe And The Aftermath.
                    3-2-05-6-4 * The inquisition Successful Generals To Land Lords, Conquistadors, Liberation Theology And Zionism.
7-2-05-7 Beware Of Doctors, Psychiatry, Care Providers, Big Pharma, Fascists, Capitalism, Anarchists, And Mossad.
7-2-05-8 Confront to Grow. (Learn From The Maid Of The Mist)
7-2-05-9 Observe Breakdown Of Anthropoculture: Then Hope! 

To understand Awareness we need to

Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.
We Am Aware. We have Discovered
5 The Laws Physical And Behavioral Reality!

To discover and pass these on

We Need A Secure Society.

We Contribute To Present & Future Security.

We  Understand. 

The Struggle To Civilize

Diagram 5 The Struggle To Civilize