7-2-04 Awareness

0 Contents 7 Thesis 7-2 Level

 Universe 7-2-02

7-2-03 * The Sun-Earth-Moon System



7-2-03-0 The Solar System Formed
7-2-03-1 The Solar System's Possible Life Cycles
7-2-03-2 The Planets Formed
7-2-03-3 The Planet's Possible Life Cycles
7-2-03-4 Life On Earth Before Earth/Moon Collision
7-2-03-5 The Earth/Moon Collision
7-2-03-6 Life On Earth After Earth/Moon Collision 
7-2-03-7 The Moon Today
7-2-03-8 Other Intelligent Life?
7-2-03-9 The Physics Of Earth's Future Destruction

7-2-4-1 Before 65 Million Years Ago 7-2-6-2 65 Million Years Ago 7-2-4-3 After 65 Million Years Ago  
7-2-4-1-1 Earth's Weather
7-2-4-1-1 Earth's Mountains  
7-2-4-1-1 Earth-Moon Orbits 
7-2-4-1-2 Pangaea and
                 the Large Dinosaurs
7-2-6-2-1 Earth-Moon Collision
7-2-6-2-2 Pangaea Break-up
7-2-6-2-3 The Large Dinosaurs Fossils
7-2-6-2-1 Earth-Moon Orbits 
7-2-6-2-2 Earth-Moon Tidal Effect
7-2-6-2-3 Earth Weather
7-2-6-2-4 Earth Mountain Building
7-2-6-2-5 Earth's Future

To understand the Universe we need to understand

Intelligent Life As Part Of The Universe.

Why! What! When! Where! How!

We Discovered

3 Intelligent Life Evolved In The Milky Way Galaxy Sun's Earth/Moon System.

To understand Life we need to understand

What Makes Earth Different.

Why! What! When! Where! How!

We Discovered


Diagram 4 The Sun And Earth - Moon System.