7-2-03 Earth Moon 

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 Purpose 7-2-01

7-2-02 * Thesisize The Synthesis Of The Contraries To The Analysis, And The Analysis, Of Observations Of The Universe  




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7-2-2-0 Over View - In The Universe We Live and Move and Have Our Being
7-2-2-1 Discussion
7-2-2-2 Restating 2-1-5 The Three Postulates
7-2-2-3 Restating 2-1-9 Johnson Cosmological Model
             With The Derivation Of Gravitational Force

The Universe is eternal, infinite God. By time and chance
we exist and in God we live and move and have our being!

To understand Purpose

We Need To Understand What We Can Observe.

Why! What! When! Where! How!


We Discovered
2 We Observe The Universe As Matter In Motion In Space (Our Source Of Existence).

To understand the Universe we need to understand

Intelligent Life As Part Of The Universe.

Why! What! When! Where! How!
We Discovered

Diagram 2 The Universe.


  1. The purpose of this section is to show a model of "Eternal Matter, Space And Motion" that time and chance vortices cause density variation and particle formation that leads to a cycle of condensation and explosion of solar systems.

  2. In this period of particle formation we get photons that are joined to stop translation by intertwining in rotation.

  3. Relatively stable combinations of particles tend to accumulate and larger constructs called electrons, protons, neutrons tend to form.

  4. In the intense pressure of a solar accumulation nuclear fusion joins protons and neutrons to form atoms

  5. In Solar Explosions the the elements are dispersed and attracted to intact Suns, where parts form planets.

  6. Depending on the temperature and pressure conditions of the planet atoms bond to form Molecules. These are called chemicals and the atoms are called Chemical Elements.

  7. On Earth the conditions (stable range of temperature and pressure giving liquid water on earth and oxygen in the atmosphere for in the order of billions of years)  for chemical evolution to form biological life.

  8. First replicating chemicals combine to formed single cell life that proliferates by cell division and cells cannibalize or invaded other cells evolving into sexual reproduction.

  9. Mammalian evolution in the order of 60 million years where males fought for dominance and the dominant males raped the female. This left a female with skill to care for her offsprings (cared for offsprings tend to survive from giving care a genetic foundation {if expressed}), but also to manipulate and resent males while caring for offsprings (not associating the offspring with the male rape). Great ape females do not kill their children and often breast feed to the second molars. Adam and Eve were the representation of logical brain and speech development. The Garden of Eden was Jungle home of Adam and Eve as they moved to the grassland learning to run on two feet and develop logic of cause effect communications. This is where women learnd and taught that the child came from the man hence associating the genetic resentment of men on to the child (but with some empathy for the female)