6-2-35 Introduction

0 Contents 6 Syntheses 6-2 Level

Sovereignty 6-2-33 

6-2-34 Synthesis Of The Contraries And Analysis Of The Observations Of Caring Individuals

Contrary - Thesis



6-2-34-0 Background
6-2-34-1 Mohamed Bouazizi 2010
Breggin, Peter R- 
6-2-34-3 Thomas Szasz 2012
6-2-34-4 Bruno Bettelheim 1990
6-2-34-5 Leo Kanner 1981
6-2-34-6 John The Apostle 6
6-2-34-7 Jesus Christ ~ 36 CE
6-2-34-8 Buddha ~ 483 BC
6-2-34-9 Abram ~ 1800 BC

Some Achieve Individual Sovereignty

We Need To Grow In Caring

Why? What? When? Where? How?


We Want To Grow In Levels Of Caring. We Want To Know
34 Caring For Existence In The Spirit (Outlook) Of Truth In Our Soul (Culture)
End Of Synthesis

Diagram 15 Understanding Our Brain/Body Behavior With Evolutionary Insights!



 What fruit have you grown with your life that makes healthier a next generation. That is: What have you accomplished that makes the next generation physically, psychologically, sociologically and ontologically safer, more responsive, more recognized and gives greater opportunity to explore physical and behavioral reality?