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6-2-05 * Synthesize The Struggle To Civilize

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Mohammad, Islamic Terror, And Murder Cults


6-2-05-0 Anthropoculture Evolution, Alpha-Male, Human Hunter Gatherer And Logical Language.
6-2-05-1 Mammoth Hunters, Big Boats, Migration, Cast System and Sophistry Of The "gods".
6-2-05-2 Maternal Infanticide And Abraham - The Archetype For Ending Infanticide.
6-2-05-3 Moses, The Ten Commandments And Theocratic Murder Cult.
6-2-05-4 Jesus Confronted Theocratic Murder Cult To Set Us Free,  Started Home Fellowships, Was Murdered, 
                    Home Fellowship Spreads And Then False Authoritarian Theocratic Reward And Punishment Cults Grow.
6-2-05-5 Mohammad, Islamic Murder Cult's Origin, Terror, And  Slavery. 
                   Then Arab, Persian, Berber And Turkic Ethnic Divides.
6-2-05-6 Jewish Service to Islam In Spain, Autocratic Lords  In  Europe And The Aftermath.
                    3-2-05-6-4 * The inquisition Successful Generals To Land Lords, Conquistadors, Liberation Theology And Zionism.
6-2-05-7 Beware Of Doctors, Psychiatry, Care Providers, Big Pharma, Fascists, Capitalism, Anarchists, And Mossad.
6-2-05-8 Confront to Grow. (Learn From The Maid Of The Mist)
6-2-05-9 Observe Breakdown Of Anthropoculture: Then Hope! 

To understand Awareness we need to

Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.
I Want To Be Aware. I Want To Discover
5 The Laws Physical And Behavioral Reality!

To discover and pass these on

We Need A Secure Society.

Contribute To Present & Future Security.

I Want To Understand. I Want To

Diagram 15 

The Struggle To Civilize



Natural Organization - March 15, 2011 Edited 2015-07-27
Donald James Jophnson

1. Academic falseness is shown by a clip debunking the "Noble Savage"

up to 10,000 years BC lived as hunter gather

2. Our ancestors were much more violent than present.

Lawrence H. Keeley Professor -  Oxford University 

Paleolithic Archaeology, Prehistoric Warfare, Functional Analysis of Stone Tools, Experimental Archaeology, Hunter-Gatherer Economics; Europe

Up to 60% of men died in warfare.

3. What propagates makes the future genetics!

    a. Survival depended on males that could plan the hunt, attack, and defense.
    b. Survival depended on being attracted/attractive to the invader and being present time to care for the young
    c.  Alpha Male - 
        c1. Mating - a major motivation for attacking other males.
        c2. Beat opponent males.
        c3. Rape the resisting female.

5. Implication for male genetics - strong and able to work together rather than deceive and manipulate

5. Women taken by force and raped having children they did not want. Women's power was to deceive and manipulate the chiefs and witch doctors.

6. Implication for women's power in the politics of today where men can't even get angry even thou they have their home, money and children taken by their wife with the force of law.

7. How do we help women to be mothers that make a home and raise healthy boy and girls.

8. How do we help women see that some of their genetic predispositions are harmful to them, their children and the future of society.

9 Culture - the raising of children, having been separated form society - the study of group behavior.

10 Insight - major physical and physiological developments

11 Development of language led to false realities and deceptive witchcraft. The development of logical speech led to the degradation on mankind by inventing gods to fear and worship through priest that were often sociopath manipulators.

12. Transportation by boat led to expanded areas of commerce then criminality then law and order along some rivers.

13. In the hunter gatherer societies the troop needed to get wives from outside and that often led to warfare (or suffering the degradation of inbreeding and its disabling effects). Women were dominated and men were often killed in warfare.

 14. The domestication of horses, camels and elephants led to the expansion of trade then crime and then the enlargement of kingdoms to bring law and order.

15. The faming of cows and oxen led to the family farm. The family farm was one of the healthiest child rearing environments. The children often received a very healthy nursing bond. Children were part of the family team and in constant fellowship. They were respected as participating members to the extent taht they were able.

16. The family farm preserved the wisdom of the elders to the extent that the spirit of the dead elders were worshiped and the religions that respected nature and life grew out of family farm societies like China. 

In America in the 1800 the core of society was the family farm. It was family farmers that tended to immigrated from Europe to escape the dominance of the Catholic Church and the dominating aristocracy.

17. The biggest single factor that separated humans from animals was the development of logical language. This occurred mainly in men because of the advantage it gave tem in group hunting and in warfare. The male brain is about 15% larger and has hemispheric specialization with with nonverbal pattern thinking in the right hemisphere and logical verbal thinking in the left hemisphere.

18. Logical language led to the ability to plan travel and immigration even into areas that seemed inhospitable.

 19. immigration the middle latitudes  led to yellow skin. Immigration to the northern latitudes led to white skin.

20. During and after immigration the major development was the use of boats along the rivers and coastlines. 

21. Major transportation was limited to river and coasts until the domestication of the horse, camel and elephant. This led to the enlargement of areas of commerce and crime. This is why the expansion of law and order kingdoms were often welcomed.

22. Behaviorally the development of kingdoms led to the degradation of affluence with the breakdown of the maternal nursing bond and parental involvement in child rearing was degraded in the affluent. The initial power class was those who were leaders of the concurring army but the quality of child care and leadership was degrade in the upper classes by the inheritance of power by children that were the product of care by hirelings and slaves.

23. Inheritance in a family farming society makes sense as the quality of child care and involvement in the day to day family life gives tendency for a healthy next generation with the skills to manage the farm and family responsibilities.

23. The male inheritance of land had to do with the domestication of the horse and oxen. Before domestication of animals the male role was mainly hunting and warring, gardening and food gathering was was a female role and if their was gardening land ownership it was typically along female lines.

24. The pace of development varied depending on the social development as even today primitive tribes exist.

25. The fact that inheritance of power was a poor concept was recognized an reflected in the sayings that survived of Moses and the early prophets. Leadership was by Judges that developed out of the need and the installation of Saul as the first King was with reluctance. 

The reluctant acceptance of inheritance did lead to the corruption of the upper classes. South Korea is an example of the degradation of life's experience with affluence.

26. I have grown in great respect for the family farm societies and the quality of generationally stable way of life that they tend to produce. Look at rural China as the source and/or the proliferation of respect for family elders and life in general. This is reflected in Buddhism and Taoism. Unfortunately in some cases it led to the abstraction of reincarnation and the worship of the dead. Still there is a great respect for others and life in general. This respect for life is some times abstracted and corrupted into vegetarianism.

27. The modern era really started with the horse along with earlier development bases on areas that boating had given mobility where armies establishing governments to bring law and order were possible and then came stable communication and commerce. Along with this came the need for record keeping and the motivation for written language.

28. The ability to sail by knowledge of the night sky led to the astronomy and mathematics corruption of astrology and in India as the Arians immigrated and set up their corruption of the cast system in society. With the cast system the priestly class had time to speculate and study.

29. Persian, Greek and Roman rule was welcomed as it brought law and order with respect for individual differences along with the stabilizing effect of written language. Unfortunately the generational degradation of the ruling class through degraded child care and inheritance caused them to become self destructive through degraded leadership but with written codes of behavior they were more human and stable than the massive invasions of the illiterate Mongols and Turks with their horses. Turkey was the land of the seven churches. It is now 99% Moslem. The Christians have been murdered, driven off or force converted. Turkey is still killing christians.

30. The purpose here is to organize the natural phenomena of physical and psychological factors of individual behavior as they effected group behavior to understand the things that tend to degrade that group development that we might better deal with the present day problems and build a better future.

31, the main thing that stands out to me is the development of logical language that abstract concepts could be taught and confused with concrete experience based knowledge.

The development language logic to see the future but project false things like gods and make priest control and manipulation.
32. Lack of healthy homes for childrearing culture. how the next generation is prepared to be able to care in turn for the next generation.
33. Child protection and defense of child rights. Realization that infanticide is an ongoing crime.
34. Women have a background of rape and unwanted children that they are willing to justify murder and neglect. Preventing child sacrifice was part of the Abrahamic foundation.
35. The Arian peoples of Scandinavia and Russia as they boated to carry wooly mammoths laid the foundation of a prehistory ocean sailing society where they left their megaliths on the coast of Europe Africa  and Asia. This time at sea led to using the rotation of the earth in the fixed star pattern of the night sky for location. 
36. In India some the immigrating Arians used the fact of sailing by the stars as the basis for magic by going from astronomy to astrology. Some made themselves priest and prognosticators to manipulate the ignorant (it still goes on today). In the Mediterranean and Middle East  the manipulations led to making the wondering stars (Planets) as gods like Mars the god of war.
37. In the northern hemisphere the stars and planets rotate around the the empty North Pole. So the most powerful point in the sky was empty! This led to Abraham as the archetype that rejected the worship of the visible for worship of "the most high unseen God!"

38. Abraham also sought a promised land that later came to be know as land later known as Zion. 

Psalm 2:6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.
Psalm 9:11 Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people his doings.
Psalm 14:7 Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the LORD bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad.

39. This still involved the magic of priests and sacrifice as Abraham had replaced child sacrifice with animal sacrifice: 
Psalm 20:2 Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion;
Psalm 20:3 Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah.

40. It is important to recognize that the Jewish priesthood was set up as the government and the 10% was the national state tax for the operation of government and social welfare.

41. How terrible to see that child sacrifice is back and children are even robotized that when adults they will sacrifice their children and their programmed society will honor them for the murder of self and others!

42. How the concept of Heaven (Zion) has been corrupted as a reward for murder! 

43. Heaven can be operationally defined as that better future we are building by growing in knowledge of the truths of physical and behavioral reality and how to raise children so that they can love their source of existence, love of self, love others like self, love of others not like self,  the unselfish love of infants that they parent, love of the home, neighborhood, community, Society, State and the future of intelligent life. The truth of physical and behavioral reality is one of the manifestations of the unseen God.

44. Clarifying: To me the basic reality is eternal and infinite, not created and not destroyed with three basic components. 1. Eternal and infinite three dimensional Space, 2. Eternal and infinite matter in space 3. Eternal and infinite Motion of Matter in Space. The density of matter and its motion are finite through oiut the infinity and eternity of space. This is operationally defined as the parent God.

45. Creation is forming something out of this eternal matter and motion in space. Creating something out of the parent God. The first stable forms are vortex rings (I call Vortons) from vortons photons and electrons are formed. From photons and electrons protons and neutrons are formed. From protons and neutrons atomic nuclei are formed. With capture of electrons we call them atomic nuclei as atoms. Atoms and binding electrons form molecules. Molecules form cells. Cells form groups of cell that work together. Some develop the ability to form special organs in multicultural organisms. One of the organs is the brain. With brain development comes awareness and pattern nonverbal thinking like drawing pictures and music. With logical brain development comes verbal logical speech and writing and the ability to abstract, imagine and to project possible futures.

46. Direct communication with God's body by the intelligent awareness in God's body that is in direct awareness of self as part of God and that the truth of physical and behavioral reality (the Laws of God - the Logos) can be known by observing the cause effect relationships in the experiencing of physical and behavioral reality (and our self as part of it) of which by predestination of a healthy foundation and individual sovereignty we can know personally. This then is the three parts of a single God (Body, Mind and Governing Laws or the Father, the Son (the outlook of Christ-Jesus living in a person), and conscious care for God's body, self and others as part of God.)

47. This awareness replaces child sacrifice, animal sacrifice, priests, witch doctors, astrologers, fortune tellers, magicians and the need for religion in special buildings as we are the temple of the awareness of truth and growing in our personal experience as part of God. We can get together in our homes and share our experience with our Neighborhood. We can meet in community centers to share our experience of behavioral and physical reality with our community.

48. We can be conscious of and use our life to further the welfare and well-being of future generation of intelligence in God's body. 
a. That is that we receive the pre-birth care and the infant mammalian maternal bond to grow in the narcissic love of the world we experience as part of self (all we have to do is fuss and the world serves our need).
b. Around the age of 5 we have a paternal bond that helps us become independent of the need for maternal reassurance and we begin to sexually differentiate where boys like boys and girls tend to like girls (the homosexual stage)
c. That around puberty we grow to be interested in the opposite sex (heterosexual stage).
d. That we can grow to desiring to create and care for new life in the parenting stage by working as 2x2 pairs preparing an independent home and marriage as the background of parenting (the altruistic infant care stage of love)
e. Growing in care for our neighborhood as the safe place for our children as they leave the home to play and learn. 
f. Growing in care for our community as the safe place for our children as they leave the neighborhood to play, work and learn. 
g. Growing in care for our Society as the safe place for our children as they leave the Community to play, work and learn. 
h. Growing in care for the State and future of intelligent life as the safe place for our children and future generations as intelligent life continues to propagate.

Another matter that children are born with skill like facial recognition that are less with age and the fact that the child needs the stimulation for development at the life stage where nerve growth factor is present in the area of the brain to be developed.

49. This is not to condemn homosexuals or any one else of their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as they do not violate or corrupt others of their right to a healthy foundation that would contribute to their ability to develop into healthy heterosexual parents and community members that serve the security and development of a healthy future society and child rearing culture. 

These things are possible if we having had healthy parenting and not been deprived by have to memorize other peoples thought or been the victim of affluence and women's liberation like in South Korea where the major cause of death between 10 and 40 is suicide since industrialization an women leaving the home for the work force. 

50. Learning by experience and study out of interest is different than memorizing. No child should be required or permitted to memorize the thought and stories of others and there actions. Children need to be free to experience nature and social reality. Healthy children grow intellectually out of curiosity and learn skill of communication (language, mathematics and computers) out of a need to know. Children need to be respected.

Home schooling has better results than professional school and home school mother with a teaching degree do worse that a natural mother that respects her child and helps them have learning experiences.

51. Judge them by the fruit they bear. It takes a mother and father to create a predictably healthy home. We need to choose community leaders from couples that have shown by their grown children that they understood child rearing.  For higher levels of government we need to choose legislators, executives and judges by pair of grand parents that can demonstrate two generations of adult offsprings that are constructive members and parents in society.

52. With the development of language was the invention of gods and the invention of priests and witch doctors as go-betweens for the ignorant common people. Jesus the Christ broke this subjugation. Everyone's personal relationship with their source of existence needs to be respected as long as they don't corrupt the process to violate other people's individual sovereignty.

53. Contempt for the world, the flesh and Satan, "hate self and love God" being taught to children. This is wrong. The world is what we make it and we need to hate the sin but love the sinner. But of course this depends on what is defined a sin! That is why we have the ten commandments as a guide but going father Christ showed that out of love a healthy person will automatically fulfill the law.

When the Jews establish the concept of giving 10% to the priests, the church was the government and the priests were the social welfare system. Now we pay much more than that to the government. The not for prophet corporations are for a large part college graduates and professional fund raisers where the majority of the funds often go for fund raising and salaries. For a large part it is a manipulation. Your taxes are for social causes enough. Keep your home and be willing to host, feed and couth those 2x2 community organizers that take no money, organize a community to get responsive government and help people to organize like the AA to meet and give each other testimony in community fellowship and encouragement that you are not alone.

 54. The example and out look of Christ-Jesus comes from the truth of caring unselfishly and a parent who dies to save his or her child. We have example of Christ's Spirit in all societies. I think of the Buddhists that set themselves on fire in South Vietnam or the Moslem young man in Tunisia or the Christians in Pakistan. They respected and cared for others to the point that they were willing to sacrifice their life to confront the evil rather than live and submit to it.