6-2-03 Sun/Earth

0 Contents 6 Synthesize 6-2 Level

 Civilize 6-2-05

6-2-04 * Synthesize Contraries, Analysis And Observations Of Logical Awareness Evolution

Contrary - Thesis


6-2-04-0 Timeline of human evolution
6-2-04-1 Evolution 6-2-04-3-1 ESP
6-2-04-2 Self (Narcissistic)
6-2-04-3 Like Self (Homoerotic)
6-2-04-4 Not Like Self (Hetroerotic)
6-2-04-5 Home and Child (Altruistic)
6-2-04-6 Community - Parks and Schools (Guardian) 
6-2-04-7 Society - Concern for the Future and Fellowship
State - The World of Work and War (Statesman)
Eternity - Life's Purpose (Ultimate Concern)

To understand Life we need to understand

What Makes Earth Different.

Why? What? When? Where? How?


I Want To Discover
4 Earth Stable Long Enough For Awareness To Evolve!

To understand Awareness we need to

Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.
I Want To Be Aware. I Want To Discover

Diagram 4 Awareness Exists In Us!