6-2-02 Universe

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6-2-01 * Synthesize Of Contraries, Analyses And Observations Of Existence. Is There Purpose?

Contrary - Thesis

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6-2-01-0 Purpose as viewed in un-contacted tribes
                Alpha Male Genetics
6-2-01-1 Females Genetically Attracted To Alpha Males
6-2-01-2 Male Genetic Resent Of Alpha Males
6-2-01-3 Female Genetic Resent Of Alpha Males
6-2-01-4 Genetic Resentment Of Domination
6-2-01-5 Garden Of Eden Maternal Care
6-2-01-6 Tree Of the Knowledge Of Good And Evil
6-2-01-7 Alpha Male Resentment And Maternal Infanticide
6-2-01-8 Mammoth Hunting Male Cooperation Culture
6-2-01-9 Affluence And Destruction Of Healthy Home Life

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1 Is There Purpose To Existence?

To understand Purpose

We Need To Understand What We Can Observe.

Why? What? When? Where? How?
We Want To Discover

Diagram 1 Is There Purpose To Existence?

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