5.2.27 Aether

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 Communication  5.2.29

5.2.28 The Cosmos

Analysis - Synthesis


Introduction Space Matter Motion Time Properties Collisions Objects Vortex Rings Gravity

Cosmos Discovered Part II Discovered The Cosmos Location Universe!
   1 The Radius Of The Earth
   2 First Mass Of The Earth
   3 Radius Of The Moon's Orbit
   4 The Radius Of Moon
   5 Mass Of The Moon
   6 Second Mass Of The Earth
   7 The Distance To A Comet


Cosmos Discovered Part III

   0 How Did We Discover
   1 Radius Of The Sun's Orbit
   2 The Mass Of The Sun
   3 The Radius Of The Sun
   4 The Orbits Of The Planets
   5 The Distance To Near Stars
   6 Near Stars Absolute Luminosity
   7 Near Pulsars Absolute Luminosity
   8 Stars and Near Galaxies
   9 Far Galaxies (by Red Shift)


To Understand The Aether

We Need To Understand The Cosmos!

Why? What? When? Where? How?


I Want To Understand
28 The Cosmos Exists!

To Understand The Cosmos

We Need Communication Skills.

Why? What? When? Where? How?

I Want To Understand

Diagram  28 The Cosmos Exists!



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What do we have to start with?
That is our foundation to reason on!

Cosmic Journeys : How Large is the Universe? 2012


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