5-2-10 Homes

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Parenting 5-2-12

5-2-11 * Contrary Views Of Mating And Marriage

Analysis - Synthesis


5-2-11-0 Child's Rights
5-2-11-1 Mating
5-2-11-2 Fathering
5-2-11-3 Mothering
5-2-11-4 Home And Family - Discipline
5-2-11-5 Child Development
5-2-11-6 Child Degeneration
5-2-11-7 Child Indoctrination
5-2-11-8 Respect For Family Elders 

5-2-11-9 Extended Family & Friends

To Understand Healthy Individuals

We Need Child Development

Providing, Protecting, Guiding Father Respected!


 I want Children's Right To Home Maker Mother And A
14 Anthroculture.

To Grow Healthy Infants We Need To Understand

The Mammalian Nursing Bond!

Healthy Maternal Nursing Bond Respected!

 I want Infant's Right To A


Diagram 14 Parenting Exist!


We need a deeper understanding of healthy homes that promote healthy families.
We need to see what is a the healthy child rearing environment.
Homes that have the greatest probability of a child reaching its' highest potential for life, community and humanity.