5-2-5 Civilizing

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 Society 5-2-7

5-2-06 * Contraries To The Analysis And Observations Of States

Analysis - Synthesis


5-2-06-0 Conquest, Trade And Growth 
5-2-06-1 Communications
5-2-06-2 Conquest, Growth And Trade
5-2-06-3 Growth Of Religion And Hindu Murder Cult
5-2-06-4 Abraham told by his "God", "Stop Child Sacrifice!"
5-2-06-5 Moses then Mohammad, Conquistadors And Liberation Theology
5-2-06-6 Beware Of Priests, Doctors, Big Pharma And Cults
5-2-06-7 Capitalism vs Communism And Democracy vs  Dictatorship - Anarchists, anti-Christs 
                   And Liberation Theology Verses Conquistadors, Fascist And Theocratic Murder Cults
5-2-06-8 Destroying The Destroyers
5-2-06-9 Benevolent Dictatorship To Establish A New Order.

5-2-6-1 Commander And Chief
5-2-6-2 Ranging Verses Farming
5-2-6-3 Transportation System
5-2-6-4 Legislative Assembly
5-2-6-5 Legal Systems
Religions And Cults
5-2-6-7 Education System
5-2-6-8 Medical Systems
5-2-6-9 Economic System

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6 The Rise Of The State.

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A Healthy Society.

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Figure 6 The Rise Of The State.