5-2-04 Awareness

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5-2-05 * Contraries To Analysis Of Observations Of The Struggle To Civilize

Analysis - Synthesis


5-2-05-0 Evolution, Alpha-Male, Human Hunter Gatherer And Logical Language
5-2-05-1 Mammoth Hunters, Sophistry Of The "gods" And The Great Flood
5-2-05-2 Maternal Infanticide And Abraham - The Archetype For Ending Infanticide
5-2-05-3 The cycle of conquest, rule, affluence, degeneration and rise of a murder cult
5-2-05-4 Moses (Died 1407 BC) The Ten Commandments And Ethnic Extermination
5-2-05-5 Jesus And Direct Communications With Our Source Of Existence (God)
5-2-05-6 Islamic Terror, Renaissance, Anarchist And Murder Cults
5-2-05-7 Successful Generals To Land Lords, Conquistadors And Liberation Theology
5-2-05-8 Beware of Affluence, Doctors And Academic Sophistry
                   (Learn From The Maid Of The Mist)
5-2-05-9 Breakdown, Law And Order And The Coming Outlook And Rule Of True Love

To understand Awareness we need to

Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.

I Want To Be Aware- I Want To Discover

5 The Laws Physical And Behavioral Reality!

To discover and pass these on

We Need A Secure Society.

Contribute To Present & Future Security.

I Want To Understand- I Want To

Intelligent Lives That Communicate


Diagram 5 The Struggle To Civilize  



This category (Contrary was)  labeled for views that were:
1) contrary to my understanding or 
2) something of public contention like a conspiracy theory or 
3) something that brought up mixed feeling like the George Zimmerman vs-Trayvon Martin case.