5-1-33 Analysis Of Individual Sovereignty

Siblings Before Father's Death December 1950
Left Home For Summer
 1953, 54  At 14 and 15
To Work And Hitchhike


From Toronto Ontario Canada City Hall Chambers
Annual International Conference For Human Rights And Against Psychiatric Abuse Summer 1974

At the time of the video I was teaching Physics. The year before wife had divorced me taking my home, three children and income. You may notice a tooth missing.
I had no money to fix my lost tooth.

1955 After 9th Grade
I Quit School 
 At 16 To Work
Summer 1956 Returned Home At 17
To Join The USAF

To Have A Healthy Foundation We Need To

Rethink Our Culture And Be Born Again

Why? What? When? Where? How?

  I Want To Think Clearly And Ask
33 Some Are Saved From Our Birth Cult and/or Culture.

Some Achieve Individual Sovereignty

We Need To Grow In Caring

Why? What? When? Where? How?

I Want To Grow In Levels Of Caring. I Want To Know


Diagram 33 Saved From Our Birth Cult and/or Culture. 


Being my own person I did not rebel nor Comply. I grew in love and trust with parents worthy of my love and trust as Spiritual guides and teachers as a loving mother and a respected providing and protecting father.