5-0 Contrary Introduction

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 Contrary 2nd Level 5-2

5-1 Slide Show Of Contraries - Contents

Analyze - Synthesize

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What do we have to start with? Background, Curiosity Observations and Analysis!
That is our foundation to reason on!

Contrary Slide Show Introduction


5-1-01 Is There Primary Purpose?
5-1-02 The Universe Exists!
5-1-03 Earth and Moon Exist!
5-1-04 Awareness Emerges!
5-1-05 The Struggle To Civilize!
5-1-06 The State Develops
5-1-07 Societies Are Unstable
5-1-08 Communities Are Unstable
5-1-09 Neighborhoods Unstable
5-1-10 Parenting A Random Event
5-1-11 Homes Are Breaking Down
5-1-12 Marriage Is Breaking Down
5-1-13 The Individuals Are Erratic
5-1-14 Anthropoculture Degraded


5-1-15 Brain
5-1-16 The Animals In Us
5-1-17 Organs
5-1-18 Cell
5-1-19 Molecule
5-1-20 Atom
5-1-21 Nucleus
5-1-22 Nucleon
5-1-23 Electron
5-1-24 Photon
5-1-25 Magnetic Field
5-1-26 Vorton
5-1-27 Aether
5-1-28 Cosmos   


5-1-29 Computers And Software
5-1-30 Communications
5-1-31 Curiosity
5-1-32 Individual Sovereignty
5-1-33 Character
5-1-34 Caring -
A Life Of Serving Intelligent
Existence In The Spirit Of
Truth And Passing It To
The Next Generation!

End Of Contrary Slides.

  Total Contrary Chart

Please, check your background. If you are conditioned by childhood memorization like some
Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and others; you will be reactive only able to rebel or comply.
Try to overcome the voices in your head