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4.2.22 The Nucleon

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The proton is a stable solution to a many body problem consisting of ring of vortex rings accumulated in a stable pattern of dynamic interaction. The number of vortex rings in a proton is in the thousands. To help form the picture of a donut being created from and accumulation of vortex rings I give the rough example of six vortex rings forming a donut in Figure 15 below.

The donut model.

For our purposes here we will view the object as a proton and label the major diameter D and the minor diameter d.

The donut model of a proton has internal vortex rings.

The neutrons ride on the protons and add little change to the volume of the atom. Below is the three protons of a lithium atom. The neutrons that ride outside shadow bonding are not shown.

To Understand Nuclei

We Need To Understand Nucleons!

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22 Nucleons

To Understand Nucleons

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Diagram 22 Nucleons

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