4-2-05 Civilize 

0 Contents 4 Analysis 4-2 Level 

 Society 4-2-07

4-2-06 * Analyze The Observations Of States

Observation - Contrary


4-2-06-0 Trade Growth And Conquest
4-2-06-1 Communications
4-2-06-2 Conquest, Growth And Trade
4-2-06-3 Growth Of Religion And Hindu Murder Cult
4-2-06-4 Abraham told by his "God", "Stop Child Sacrifice!"
4-2-06-5 Moses then Mohammad, Conquistadors And Liberation Theology
4-2-06-6 Beware Of Priests, Doctors, Big Pharma And Cults
4-2-06-7 Capitalism vs Communism And Democracy vs  Dictatorship - Anarchists, anti-Christs 
                   And Liberation Theology Verses Conquistadors, Fascist And Theocratic Murder Cults
4-2-06-8 Destroying The Destroyers
4-2-06-9 Benevolent Dictatorship To Establish A New Order.

3-2-06-0 Out Of Eden
3-2-06-1 Tribal Growth
3-2-06-2 Conquest Growth And Suggestion
3-2-06-3 Beware Of Police And Military Officers
3-2-06-4 Authority Economics Politics
3-2-06-5 Beware Of Doctor Power In States
3-2-06-6 Islamic Terror, Renaissance, Anarchist And Murder Cults - Justice System
3-2-06-8 The Politics Of Using Murder Cults As Religion
3-2-06-9 Benevolent Dictatorship To Establish A New Order.

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6 The Rise Of The State.

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Diagram 6 The State Exists!


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'My Lobotomy' Howard Dully's Journey NPR
Nobel Panel Urged to Rescind Prize for Lobotomies NPR
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