4.1.13 Individual Behavior

  The Meaning of Mind by Thomas Szasz, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at State University of New York in Syracuse, thinks they may all be wrong. In this, his 23rd book.

"What's going on here?" asks the author, rhetorically: "They can't all be right." 

Descartes, located the soul in the pineal gland; and in 1994, Nobel Laureate Francis Crick reported "Free Will...in or near the anterior cingulate sulcus." Diseases of the mind, "mental illnesses," are even better localized: obsessive compulsive disorder is spotted in the frontal lobes, homosexuality in the hypothalamus and Schizophrenia is assigned now to Dopamine, now to Serotonin and now to the neurotransmitter molecule "du jour."  

For an individual to achieve their developmental potential they need a foundation. The earlier the more important! In the suckling childhood life stage, every individual needs:
1) a healthy animal level home maker, nursing mother to bond with and
2) a healthy human level fathering authority figure, home provider, home protector and maternal bondage protector identify with as a male and respect as a female.

by John Friedberg, M.D.
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To Understand Healthy (Fruit Bearing) Relationships

We Need Healthy Individual Insights!

A Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Man/Woman


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13 The Individual.

To Understand Healthy Individuals

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Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Children
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