4-1-32 A Healthy Foundation

Given a healthy foundation, for personal growth, it helps one to live in different places than where one grew up. This shows that many behaviors are not universal. This can give the freedom to reevaluate one's culture. Rethinking one's cultural conditioning can free one to make a personal culture of one's choice. This is different than rebelling or complying.

Abram moved from south Iraq near the sea to the north. South sailors used the stars as sailing guides (gods). They told of planets (wondering gods Mercury, Venus and Mars). They pointed to an point in the sky (the North Pole) and showed how the stars and planets all move around it and there was nothing to be seen at the control point.

In the North they worshiped many idols and some people did child sacrifice. Abram remembered the control point in the sky and look to the most high unseen God and a different city!

To Have A Healthy Logical Curiosity

We Need A Healthy Foundation.

Why? What? When? Where? How?


I Want To Understand
32 Character

To Have A Healthy Foundation We Need To

Rethink Our Culture And Be Born Again

Why? What? When? Where? How?

I Want To Think Clearly And Ask

Diagram 32 A Foundation That Gives Character!