4-0 Introduction 

0 Contents 4 Analyze

 In Depth 4-2

4-1 * Slide Show Of Analysis - Contents

Observations  Contrary

4-1-00 Observations Slide Show Introduction


4-1-01 Existence - Is There Purpose?
4-1-02 The Universe Exists!
4-1-03 Earth and Moon Exist!
4-1-04 Awareness Emerges!
4-1-05 The Struggle To Civilize!
4-1-06 The State Develops
4-1-07 Societies Are Unstable
4-1-08 Communities Are Unstable
4-1-09 Neighborhoods Unstable
4-1-10 Homes Breaking Down
4-1-11 Parenting A Random Event
4-1-12 Marriage Breaking Down
4-1-13 The Individuals Erratic
4-1-14 Anthropoculture Degraded


4-1-15 Brain
4-1-16 The Animals In Us
4-1-17 Organs
4-1-18 Cells
4-1-19 Molecules
4-1-20 Atoms
4-1-21 Nuclie
4-1-22 Nucleons
4-1-23 Electrons
4-1-24 Photons
4-1-25 Electromagnetic Fields
4-1-26 Vortons
4-1-27 Aether
4-1-28 Cosmos   


4-1-29 Computers And Software
4-1-30 Communications
4-1-31 Curiosity
4-1-32 Individual Sovereignty
4-1-33 Character
4-1-34 Care (Genetics gives us a many
Dispositions but Jesus Christ  built on
a life's example of Caring in a direct 
relationship with our Source of Existance, 
4-1-35 States Of Being
4-1-36 End of Observations

A Life Of Serving Intelligent Existence In The
Spirit Of Truth And Passing It To The Next

 Muslim Leader Of Jerusalem
meeting Adolf Hitler in  Berlin
Germany November 28,1938

The Universe Exists And In It We Live And Move And Have Our Being!  We were formed out of the dust.
That which propagates make  the genetics of the future. We have a genetic foundation built on:
1. Alpha male domination, beating the boys and raping the girls built genetic resentment in us. 
2. Females attracted to the invader but resent domination giving rise to Misandry. (Feminism)
3. Misandry (for humans by logical speech) is projected onto the child causes maternal infanticide.
4. Dominated males and females off copulating for fun generated Anarchists Genetics in us.

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What do we have to start with?
Our Background of experience, Curiosity and Observations! That is our foundation to explore and reason on!