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4-0 Introduction to Analyzing Observations

Observe - Contrary

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What do we have to start with? Observations!
That is our foundation to Investigating and reason on
based on our 3 Postulates of Reality and the discovered laws of Reality!


The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.



PRONUNCIATION:   -nl-ss analysis - The investigation of observations of physical and behavioral reality for their existence, and cause-effect relationship properties in physical and behavioral reality.


NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. a-nal-y-ses (-sz)
1a. The separation of an intellectual or material whole into its constituent parts for individual study. b. The study of such constituent parts and their interrelationships in making up a whole.


Medieval Latin, from Greek analusis, a dissolving, from
, to undo : ana-, throughout; see ana– + lein, to loosen; see leu- in Appendix I.


This is Development Levels 3 - Qualitative Analysis and Development Level 4 - Quantitative Analysis:


3 Qualitative -

4 Quantitative -

We need an Initial Analysis that regresses to get a foundation for building our insights into physical and behavioral reality. The basic structure of analysis below was worked out in 1962 at the age of 22. The initial analysis regressed to physics and mathematics.(1.2.3) This reasoning and the desire to understand led to work that gave University degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Education.


In the present analysis there are 27 levels recognized in physical and behavioral reality. "The Analysis Slide Show" gives a quick and easy graphical structure to organize and gain insight.

With analysis of the exposure level (2) we develop the qualitative level (3) like the quality of size, inertia or motion. With analysis of the qualitative level (3) we develop the quantitative level (4) like measure of volume, mass or velocity.

How to lay a foundation for building the future with knowledge of what we are dealing with? That is the question.

With the more in depth "Analysis" the presentation will be a series of diagrams that regress conceptually. We will keep the background of reasoned regression to reinforce the need to return through our Synthesis. Adding new parts to the end of the background helps with the mind-figure (gestalt) formation process. I will try to show a picture (use the pattern intellect) first. Then I will discuss (use the logical intellect) the new information and connect it with the previous level in diagram form.

You can go to any topic from the beginning of Analysis by clicking on the topic label. You can then scroll through the topic. At the beginning and ending of each topic, you can click on the topic labels to return to the top of the Initial Analysis.

It is recommended that you viewed the "Analysis Slide Show" to establish a framework. Please note during revisions dated comments are left as is. One paragraph could be written in 2003 while the next or previous thought could be written in 2006.) Enjoy!