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           analyze - Verb,  
Related forms: analyzable, adjective - analyzability, noun - analyzation, noun - misanalyze, verb

  analyze - Definition
To examine the observations methodically by separating into parts and studying their cause/effect relationships.


           analysis - Noun, plural analyses

  analysis - The result of analyzing observations.

Purposed observations leading to critical analysis!
(Regressing For Insight Into Physical And Behavioral Reality)

We use of our background of experiences and insights into physical and behavioral reality by
putting our analysis of observation into an ordered set
analyzing deeper and deeper into the causes of what we observe.

Important Sequence

1) Operational Definitions 3-2-28-1_definition.htm
2) Postulate Space 3-2-25-1_space.htm
2-1) Quantify A Point
2-2) Quantify A Line
2-3) Quantify A Plane
2-4) Quantify A Volume 
2-5) Discover 3-2-28-2_circle.htm
3) Postulate Matter 3-2-25-2_matter.htm
3-1) Quantify Mater
3-2) Define Density
4) Postulate Motion 3-2-25-3_motion.htm