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3.2.30.a1 Observe Operationally Defining

What do we have to start with?
Observe and Investigate!
That is our foundation to reason on!

1 Curiosity,
2 Purpose,
3 Materials,
4 Apparatus,
5 Procedure,
6 Observations,
7 Analysis,
8 Conclusions,
9 Discussion.


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Figure 1 How do I know I know?

To begin we will lay a simple but clear foundation for language. The big question is, "how do we know we know? "The foundation of a clear language is "operational definitions". For example an operational definition for 100o Centigrade is water boiling at sea level. Notice that we assumed a background of knowledge. We assume a place, people and things on earth and all that went before to make that possible!


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Figure 2 Where did I come from?

Our life began with two cells forming one cell called a zygote. A cell is a bunch of chemicals. The chemicals are made of various combinations of atoms. There are less than 100 kinds of atoms needed for life, as we know it. These atoms have been organized by the environment on earth during the last 10 billion years. Below is a chart of atomic types including some that are not stable.


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Figure 3 A chart of atomic types including some that are not stable.
(from http://www.chemtutor.com/perich.htm#per)

Unstable atoms and their compounds make unpredictable changes in our physical nature.

Most of the changes are harmful and tend to be weak and cause early death. The good changes give us a better chance of surviving and having babies that incorporate the good changes in future generations. In this context the operational definition for "good" (by Nature) "is that which survives!" 

Apparatus Diagram:

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Figure 4 How does this work?

My intention is to build on your intuitive knowledge of our physical world. We will investigate our physical world discovering the basic building blocks. With these discoveries we will go on to discover the nature of Nature and build pure language on operational definitions.

You will not need to memorize what somebody else discovered, you will be able to discover your world for your self. But where and how do we start?

There is a difference between a physical insight and mathematical skill. People using their physical incite often catch errors that a even skilled Mathematicians do not recognize.

Procedure (observations):

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Figure 5 Look ma.

There are three visible properties (space, matter and motion) in the nature of Nature. This will be the conceptual foundation for further insights and a clear foundation for building understanding of the basic truths of reality.

Figure 6 Look! Don't push me.




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The Aether

See the Video : Video


Figure 7 A helpful physics toy.

The Aether is the Space, Matter and Motion from which and in which our visible and non-visible physical Universe is formed. It is the one and only formless medium from which and in which all material bodies are formed and exist. The Aether is in constant motion with collisions from all directions. 

Analysis (observations):

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Figure 8 random background motion of matter in space.

The physics toy shown in Figure 7 is very helpful in developing physical intuition about material motion.

Vortices form a super-structure of storms in the the Aether and vortex rings (vortons - the basic stable particles) create a Dark Matter in the Aether


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Please be patient with the detailed referencing, labeling and take the time to connect the descriptions and diagrams with your physical intuition. It would be helpful to have some of the mechanical toys to build insight from sensual experience. The toy with a row of steel balls hanging on strings shown in Figure 7 is very helpful to build physical intuition. We come to understand the unseen by developing clear intuition that comes from our primitive experiences with the physical world.


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In the conceptions of a cosmological foundation found in text books, there are a number of explanations and a number of misconceptions. 

Hopefully the diagrams will help you think in physical terms rather than the nowadays common mathematically abstract terms that can distort physical intuition.