3-2-30 Communications 

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3-2-31 * Observe Curiosity


Curiosity: the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.



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3-2-31-8 Why do Muslims Torture and Murder Non-muslims
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To Learn Comunications

We Need A Healthy Logical Curiosity.


31 Logical Curiosity Exists!

To Have A Healthy Logical Curiosity

We Need Individual Sovereignty.

Diagram  31 Healthy Logical Curiosity Exists!

While curiosity was in the background, as a teacher I observed that building on curiosity skill learning is then best out of a "need to know". For example we can record the moon's image at different dates. Out of curiosity we want to know the period of the moon. Or then when we know the moon and sun's position relative to the earth and we observe the height of the tide and location of the moon or sun (at different times) and need to graph the results to see the pattern. Then there is the need and desire for the skills to analyze the graph