3-2-29 Computer 

0 Contents 3 Observe 3-2 In Depth

Curiosity 3-2-31

3-2-30 * Observe Communications




3-2-30-0 Aether Wave Transmission
3-2-30-1 Vorton Pair, Photon Transmission (Electromagnetic Waves}
3-2-30-2 Electrical Transmission
3-2-30-3 Chemical Transmission (dna, fossisls)
3-2-30-4 Neurological Transmission
3-2-30-5 Extrasensory perception or ESP
3-2-30-6 Logical  Language 
3-2-30-7 Logical Quantitative Descriptive (Arithmetic) 3-2-30-7a  3-2-30-7a1
                   Mathematical Preparation Course - Before Studying Physics 
3-2-30-8 Logical Abstract Descriptive (Applied Mathematics)
3-2-30-9 Efforts At Extraterrestrial Communications

Examples Of Learning From God

In Whom we live and move and have our being. 

3-2-30e-0 Student Publications
6-2-30e-1 Investigation Structure
6-2-30e-2 Operational Definitions
6-2-30e-3 Student Publications
6-2-30e-4 Location
6-2-30e-5 The Circle
6-2-30e-6 The Triangle
6-2-30e-7 Dyadic Vector Products
6-2-30e-8 Complex Numbers
6-2-30e-9 Mobility

For Good Computers Skills

We Need Communication Skills.

30 Communication Skills

For Learning Communications

We Need Curiosity.

Diagram 30 Communication (Operational Language)


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What do we have to start with?
Observe and Investigate!
That is our foundation to reason on!

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Physiological Foundations Of Psychology

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Computers exists on many levels. In a mechanical sense two close magnets are aware of each other.  A new born baby is aware of its mother's voice and reacts differently to it and another women making the same sounds.

Logical awareness refers language communicating cause-effect relationships. The most important point hear is the ability to communicate insights from one generation to another that the insight becomes common knowledge.