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Eternal Matter

Eternal Motion



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Random Vortices

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To Understand Vortons

We Need To Understand The Aether!

27 The Aether Exists!

To Understand The Aether

We Need To Understand The Cosmos!

Diagram 27 Aether

To understand atoms, particles and energy we need the physical insight leading to operational, testable models from cosmology.

Some elements are unstable and cosmic dust is a major long-term factor affecting the chemical makeup of the earth's surface. To understand the natural processes of  creating isotopes, we need to investigate Cosmology. See Diagram 20, "Need Cosmological Insight". 



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Aether Definition

Aether is from a theory of physical reality that Postulates the universe consists of infinite and eternal Space Matter and Motion. 

Aether (Greek: αἰθήρ aithÄ“r),  is the name for the simple matter that fills the entire infinite Universe. 

Creation of material objects is forming of objects out of the eternal and infinite background of Aether. 

Infinite Space is filled with Aether but density of the Aether is finite. 

The of source of particle formation is the forming of a vortex in the Aether medium, the stable building block of all material particles is the vortex ring of Aether. 

The basic mechanism light is strings of leaping vortex rings (called a photon) swimming in the pervasive sea of Aether. The basic mechanism that gives light a constant speed in the can be viewed in leapfrogging vortex rings. see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLozDMTWNRk 

Gravity is explained as the pressure of the constant motion on the surface of the vortex rings that material objects are constructed from. It is like a wind from all directions. The derivation of the Universal Law of Gravitation is at: http://www.thewaythetruthandthelife.net/index/2_background/2-1_cosmological/2-1-09_cosmology.htm