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To Understand Body/Brain Development

We Need To Understand The Animals In Us!


16 Animals In Us.

To Understand Animals In Us We Need To Understand

Our Physiological Animal Development!

Diagram 16 The Animal In Us

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Physiological Foundations Of Psychology

The Animal In Us exists on many levels. In a mechanical sense two close magnets are aware of each other.  A new born baby is aware of its mother's voice and reacts differently to it and another women making the same sounds.

Logical awareness refers language communicating cause-effect relationships. The most important point hear is the ability to communicate insights from one generation to another that the insight becomes common knowledge. 

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This point in the study the brain and its bodily connections, our study can only be on a surface large scale (macroscopic) view. This limits us to observation effects that we can only speculate as to the cause until we have investigated on the smaller scale (microscopic) views. 

To understand the brain/body network on a deeper level, we need to understand the development of its components (physiology) and neuron- network with its information processing, retention and communications. 

To understand the brain and neural-network components on a deeper level, we need to understand nerve cells (cytology) and their development, propagation and demise in the larger framework of the body along with body/brain interaction on the organ level and the cellular (cytology) level in a context of evolutionary development.

To understand the brain/body system on the cellular level we need to understand the molecular level (chemistry) that compose the cells, their evolution, function, communications, propagation, and demise. 

To understand the molecules on a deeper level, we need to understand atoms, electrons, magnetism and bonding (atomic physics). 

To understand atoms on a deeper level, we need to understand the nucleus (nuclear physics).

To understand the nucleus on a deeper level, we need to understand particles (particle physics). 

To understand the particles, electricity, magnetism and gravity on a deeper level, we need to understand the Aether (Aether physics). 

If as a our brain/body developed we had the hands on experience of learning in free play and hands-on work along with a healthy child rearing environment to development curiosity with the freedom, security and encouragement to investigate reality, then we have  logical/verbal brain development (commonsense) and pattern/nonverbal brain development (intuition)

It is important at this point to recognize the differences in healthy male and healthy female brains  (hetro-anthro-genisis), their cause and origin. The differences for adults that reach the highest potential for their sex are both genetic and cultural (both in their origin for all and expression for the individual). 

The major role for evolutionary health is propagation (that is a no brainer). In the context of child survival the mammalian, maternal, nursing, food gathering and home-making bond (maternal-homo-genesis) is the most important. That is why the mother has milk (that is a no brainer) But! This can not happen if there is no security!

Co-essential is the mammalian, paternal, protecting and home-making bond. Along with  male group planning, hunting,  protecting and attacking (paternal-homo-genesis). That is why man's bodies and brains are bigger with hemispheric specialization of verbal-logical skills and non-verbal pattern thinking skills (that is a no brainer).

Where women in child care and food gathering need to be integrated in their "here and now" awareness without distraction, men need to plan ahead for the hunt, attack or the defense as well as be coordinated with others in the implementation of the plan in a real time situation!

It is clear from the long range mammoth hunting and sailing that these societies developed the healthiest male and home cultures as is manifest in there survival. The Rus lords even invited the Vikings to come back and rule over them (because of so much in fighting) and the Byzantine empire hired pagan Vikings as mercenaries because of there skill and integrity.

We historical do not have clear insight into the Chinese homo-genesis but it gave on the average bigger brains and a healthy farm family anthroculture. But also showed the goofiness developed by affluence degenerating the maternal nursing and home making bond along with the generational magnification of the child neglect effect. This is evident in the rise of autism with day-care in China today.


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