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3-2 Observe Reality In Depth - Contents  Working 


What do we have to start with?
Our Background of experience, Curiosity and Observations!
- That is our foundation to explore and reason on!

3-2-00 Introduction


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3-2-01 Existence - Is There Purpose? 
3-2-02 The Universe
3-2-03 The Sun Earth Moon
3-2-04 Logical Awareness
3-2-05 The Struggle To Civilize
3-2-06 States
3-2-07 Societies
3-2-08 Communities
3-2-09 Neighborhoods
3-2-10 Homes
3-2-11 Parenting
3-2-12 Marriage
3-2-13 Behavioral Development
3-2-14 Anthropoculture


3-2-15 Human Body Systems
            3-2-15 Brain Body
3-2-16 Before Birth Development
3-2-17 Organs
3-2-18 Cells
3-2-19 Crystals And Molecules
3-2-20 Atoms
3-2-21 Nucleus
3-2-22 Nucleons
3-2-23 Electrons
3-2-24 Photons
3-2-25 Electricity and Magnetism
3-2-26 Vortons And Gravity
3-2-27 Aether
3-2-28 Cosmos


3-2-29 Computers And Software
3-2-30 Communications
3-2-31 Curiosity
3-2-32 Individual Sovereignty
3-2-33 Emotional Levels
3-2-34 Caring Levels
3-2-35 States Of Being
3-2-36 End of Observations

A Life Of Serving Intelligent 
Existence In A Spirit Of Truth 
And Passing It To The Next

The Universe Exists And In It We Live And Move And Have Our Being!


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This is the Introduction to 3-2 the In Depth of Observations. It is recommended that you first view 3-0  the Introduction to Observations and view 3-1 the Observations Slide Show .

For an overview of the 34 levels of phenomena see the Observations Summary Chart 3-3.

Again, our Observations will dig down the 34 levels of phenomena. The observation can be logical like a point in Space or pattern like a picture of a Galaxy. The logical Observations may be qualitative (example: it is cold outside) or quantitative (example: it is 10o C outside).