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Introduction To Observing
1 Purposed Observations
2 Focused Observations


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What do we have to start with? Our Background, Curiosity and Observations! That is our foundation to reason on!

Postulate: The Universe Exists And In It We Live And Move And Have Our Being! 

If we create only unique individuals that are not able to propagate healthy
off springs we have a social disease that will exterminate intelligent life!

The most important function of intelligent life is the reproduction, health 
and raising of the next generation! (by their fruit you shall know them)

Investigating In Search The Fundamental Law Of Physical And Behavioral Reality.

Curiosity leading to purposed observations!
(Regressing For Insight Into Physical And Behavioral Reality)

We use of our background of experiences and insights into physical and behavioral reality by
putting our observation into an ordered set
observing deeper and deeper into the causes of what we experience.

Observations Purposed Though Curiosity!

Exposure Experience:

Exposure experience can be "time and chance experiencing" or directed. Directed experience can be time! purpose propose

Our observations are due purposed investigation due to curiosity driven motivation from exposure level experiencing or cause - effect implications from experience.

There are verifiable and non verifiable observations. A person who has seen little green men may have observed them in his mind but not in external physical or behavioral reality. This is like a dream. It does not mean that these experiences are unimportant. 


As an undergraduate in Mathematics and Physics I had a computer use grant for my research on a model for the nucleus. I was using Professor Firestone's Mobility Theory for a Lumped Parameter (Mass and spring) system. I had dreams that in graphic form helped me discover the necessary algorithms. Another summer in the 1980's when working on the roll model for atomic nuclei I had a dream the showed me how to use the diagonals of this number chart below that gave me the coefficients and powers of simple nuclei in a polynomial representation for displacement as a function of time as the nucleons oscillated in their bonds.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 4 7 11 16 22
2 4 8 15 26 42  
3 7 15 30 56    
4 11 26 56      
5 16 42        
6 22          


The alternate diagonals go for odd and even number of protons. I know now that this scheme is only valid for one row of neutrons but non the less it was a dreamed break through for making dynamic computerizable models for the lower order nuclei. 

Observations: This includes -

  • a single event like a photograph,

  • a series in time like time laps photographs taken of the night sky every 15 minutes,

  • a series in space like photos when driving west to Denver, Colorado and taking pictures every 10 miles after the mountains first appear,

  • verifiable, non verifiable, replicate-able, non-replicate-able, predicted observations:

    • verifiable is like saying a balance shows that two weights are equal. Anyone can replicate your observations. 

    • a non verifiable event could be you witnessing a hit and run accident. The result may leave observable (evidence) that imply the event but the event will not be verified by being repeated. Involved in this kind of event there may be witnesses that agree that they saw the same thing.

  • use of observations:

    • the first use of observations is for education about physical and behavioral reality, to give us information on what exists,

    • the second use is to validate or invalidate the prediction of a model, and

    • the third use is for entertainment.

Focused Experience

What makes a free unbiased open mind is what I call a healthy culture. Do not confuse the use of the word culture with the narcissism of "modern culture". What makes a reactive mind that is either compliant or rebellious is what I call an unhealthy culture or a cult

To a young child or student (and most adult observers) it is difficult to tell the difference between a good teacher and a good cult leader.

A good teacher/parent sets the child or student free and they have a foundation of insight from their guided experiences that led to an open, curious mind (a good culture).

A good cult leader/parent sets the child or student free and they have a  foundation of a conditioned biased point of view from controlled indoctrination that led them to either rebel or comply, stifled their outlook and poisoned their expectations.

Experience Level a - Our Background
Experience Level b - Purposed Observations

Experience Level c - Focused Observations

This is Level c - Focused Exposure:

Level a "Our Background" comes from our child rearing culture (or cult). We are to have re-evaluated our background for our independent personal responsibility. We are to have chosen our own personal culture, with ability to recognize what we experience and be free from indoctrination.


Given observations of physical or behavioral reality we want to analyze as deeply as practical. The observations (Development level b) are an exposure bringing awareness. The observations can be graphical / pattern in nature (right brained) or logical / digital in nature (left brained).


There are 29 stages in these observations. "The Observations Slide Show" gives a quick and easy graphical structure to organize and understand by.

To lay a foundation for building the future with knowledge of physical and behavioral reality we first ask, "Is there purpose to our existence and for existence in general?" These are interesting questions. To be meaningful these questions require the context of an existing awareness. The existing awareness is in us. The development of our awareness is founded in the evolution of our physical and behavioral reality.

To build a working model of physical and behavioral reality, one that explains and predicts what we observe and gives us knowledge of how our present actions effect future outcomes, we need an Initial set of observations that regresses to a foundation for building our insight into physical and behavioral reality.

The basic analysis that motivated the study that generated the need for this set of observations was worked out in 1962 at the age of 22 (as far as physics and mathematics). The reasoning and the desire to understand led to work that gave University degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Education.

How to lay a foundation for building a healthy future? That is the question. With knowledge of what we are dealing with! That is the answer. What are we dealing with?

Do we know?

Some people go so far as to advocate human predestination. This would imply that no one is responsible for their actions (good or bad). This I reject out of hand. We are talking about cause and effect. Non intelligent events are predestined but intelligent involvement reasoning with false theories and half truths gives unpredictable outcomes.

I may have animal parts that are hard wired but I have a mind to observe and I can model cause and effect in abstract pattern and logically articulate terms. My models can effect my behavior as if they were reality. 

I believe one reality exists, is eternal  and is characterized by (and can be modeled by) a small set of comprehendible Eternal Truths.  From these Truths the range of possible outcomes can be known.

I believe physical reality is a gigantic mechanical analogue computer of itself. An mechanical or electronic analogue computer is one that uses mechanical or electronic components connected in a way as to make an analogy to a real or imagined problem or system. The analogue computer is a tangible representation of a system that may be real or imagined.

What I find interesting is that the computer configuration is an observable tangible reality in its self. Often  computer components are chosen so the computer is demonstrating a set of equations representing a systems time dependent behavior. The behavior of a system of equations can be demonstrated by analogy and the initial conditions can be controlled while time can be sped up or slowed down. Note that digital computers have replaced the analogue computers where a digital abstract representation replaces the physical components and is more flexible and prolific.

Example of a Mechanical - Electrical Analogy: 

Given a system of two masses connected by a spring and free to oscillate.


MASS ----------------------------- CAPACITANCE


  1/STIFFNESS ------------------------- INDUCTANCE  


The electrical analogs of the mass and spring.

An electrical analogue would be a system of a capacitor and an inductor creating a tuned-tank circuit. If there was damping (loss of energy due to friction) in the mechanical system we would introduce a resistor to the electrical system. The maximum amplitude of voltage could be an analogue to displacement. There are many analogies that can be used. For one see:  

The Mobility Method of Computing the Vibration of Linear Mechanical and Acoustical Systems: Mechanical-Electrical Analogies JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS VOLUME 9, JUNE 1938.
Paper presented at the Symposium on Physics in the Automotive Industry at Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 14 and 15, 1938 .
Department of Physics, University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If our computers are powerful enough, we can build scale models and start them in initial conditions of our choosing. In this way we can start the model at any time in the past or future and time can be sped up or slowed down. In the mechanical or electronic system and the future or past of the represented system can be resolved. Of course if we have a false postulate or violate the truth of reality in our initial conditions, we end up with science fiction (as is so much of the so called "science" being taught in the Universities today). 

Today false theories of the past or future are taught as "scientific truths" in error because they do not meet the criteria of verifiability. In another case observations (like in astronomy) are processed by un-testable theory but the processed results are published as observations when they are constructed from applying a theory. In another case complex mathematical constructions (like with Green's Functions or probability theory) are concocted from past observations and with their ability to emulate the past or future are toughed as holding some basic insight into reality when in fact they are masking it.

Effect Equals Cause:

On the physical level of the Universe, some say, "there is an unknowable uncertainty". Others say, "The uncertainty formulation masks an ignorance of fundamental truths of physical reality; that the physical level of the Universe  is like a billiard table. Once the queue ball is struck, the end result is determined (if there is no intelligent intervention). Then, the initial conditions determine the outcome and the effect is equal to the cause."

Effect Greater Than Cause:

Some times a little spark can set off and explosion. Energy is conserved in the explosion but the effect can be much greater than the spark. The next step is when aware intelligent control is introduced.

Intelligent Cause:

Intelligent cause can store cause like building a water dam or manufacturing explosives. Intelligent cause can setup an explosion triggered by a very weak radio signal. The cause of a thermonuclear fusion explosion is a cluster of nuclear fission explosions. The nuclear fusion explosions drive hydrogen together like in the sun and it forms helium plus energy. The cause of the nuclear fission explosions can be a set of chemical explosions driving nuclear fission components together till a chain reaction is set off. The chain reaction produces new nuclei plus energy. The chemical explosions may be triggered by a simple radio signal.

To investigate we need uncorrupted minds to understand observe, analyze, model,  and communicate.  We need a clear articulated and communicated foundation of terms with clear, reproducible, operational definitions.

In this writing, when an operational definition is part of the context, the word or phrase being defined will be highlighted in  yellow.

After postulating Physical Reality, the Observation section has subsections labeled starting with this Introduction, then questions about any meaning and purpose to existence, then questions about what exists as we dig deeper. The remainder of the Observations level regresses  to get an operational foundation of the building blocks for understanding each more fundamental level of construction.

Please note during revisions dated comments are left as is. One paragraph could be written in 2003 while the next or previous thought could be written in 2006.) Enjoy!