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Culture Corrupted

The word "Human Culture" has been  corrupted from meaning "growing humans" to "narcissistic achievement". This corruption has infected the academic social sciences (a frequent home of the effluent's and socialists' hireling raised frequently narcissistic and homoerotic offsprings". 

This corruption has in turn infected the academic organization of materials and perception of values. For example: for  females, making theater and art more glamorous and hence valuable than mothering, the maternal nursing bond and home making and  for males, more glamorous and hence valuable than fathering and working to provide a family home!

Our societies corruption of the meaning of the words "culture" and "society". "High Society" and "High Culture" are not the same thing!

A Healthy Culture and Healthy Society have healthy homes that raise physically and behaviorally healthy children! 

The Jewish Foundation

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Today is 2012-08-24 as I add this note. 

About three years ago I realized that I had mixed the topics between the categories of cultural and societal. Today I realized that in developing the background I had placed Culture after Societal. With so many years of work this means yet another rearrangement. (forgive me the confusions if you view my work before it is more completed).

At the same time I have been working on the introduction to the Physics/Math Library (2-1-11-00_math.htm) and see that I need to introduce a consistent and comprehensive "bookmark" numbering system consistent with the "Contents" numbering system! (May I live long enough!)

Today is 2012-10-11 as I add these links to abortion data:

I said in the video "in the order of 60 million" that is for world wide (not just Russia)