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Friday, August 24, 2012 

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               2-0-4g Der Spiegel Links  to original sources
2-0-4-0 How Young German Men Are Lured into Jihad
2-0-4-1 The Shadowy World of the Islamic Gülen Movement
             Interfaith Dialogue or Fooled? Gulen meets Pope
2-0-4-2 Islam's Take on Abortion 
2-0-4-3 Islamic Mediators and Germany's 'Two Legal Systems'
2-0-4-4 Banning Salafists 'Won't Solve Social Problems'
2-0-4-5 Major Police Raids Salafist Organization Banned in Germany
2-0-4-6 A Mecca in Europe Why Islam Is an Integral Part of Germany
            2-0-4-6-1 What is Left out - Fascism And Islamic Fascism
2-0-4-7 How Islamophobes Launched a National Debate
2-0-4-8 'Gauck Was Not Conducive to a Peaceful Solution'
2-0-4-9 Rapper Najafi on the Fatwa

In New Democratic Tunisia 
Beheading For Converting To Christ

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Responsibility for dealing with a problem rest with the person who is aware and has the ability to do something about the problem.