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2-0-3 Islam - Shocked Into Alarm!

Why would a cult do human sacrifice? Including self?

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2-0-3-1 World Trade Center
2-0-3-2 Testimony And 9/11 Shock
2-0-3-3 Turkey - Missionaries Horrifically Murdered 2007
2-0-3-4 Islamists Murdered Russian Mayor 2008
2-0-3-5 Florida 2008

2-0-3-6 Turkey: Christian Murdered 2009
2-0-3-7 Memorization Distorts Child Brain Development - 
            Permanently! Insight Into Making Murder Robot
2-0-3-8 Confront Evil - Confront To Grow
2-0-3-9 By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them!

     During childhood parts of the brain are developing as nerve growth factor is present. Memorized indoctrination is implanted as part of reality. It leaves the person DISABLED for life. It hard wires the indoctrination. Later the person can not differentiate between reality they experienced and indoctrination! They are unable to think independently based on experiential insight. They lack common sense and valid intuition! They can comply or rebel but their brain's neurological development was corrupted by the violations. 
     When a Jew rebels he is only rejected by his family.  The hate rebellion of Marxism was masterminded by mainly rebellious Jews trying to make it a better world! That led to the murder of over 100 million people with in less than 100 years.
     When a Muslim rebels it is the death penalty by the Koran and Sharia Law so the Moslem tend to comply and murder the unbelievers as Sura 9 says! The hate compliance of the Islamofascists has led to the murder history of over 200 million in 1400 years.
     Women rebelling against unwanted children are murdering 200 million healthy children in about 4 years! They have the power to change the definition of murder but it does not change the fact!