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Curiosity Has Led To Published Insights Into The Koran And Islam
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Islamic Threats Turned Over To Russian FSB


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Audio Introduction - a Letter to a friend with thoughts

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I never thought that reality could be so involved. This section shows the observations that shocked me into awareness that led to this email as I work today.

From Donald Johnson
To Dewey
CC Myles , Howard , Charles , Albert

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 2:57 PM 2:57 PM

Share concern

Dear Dewey,

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope your wife is home and doing well. Please keep us up to date.

I am writing to show a concern on my end.

I am attaching a map of last months demographics showing a Muslim Nation having my most followers of my YouTube channel "http://www.youtube.com/user/donaldjjohnsonsr". (2,151 visitors for month)

I have had warnings from Muslims for saying the truth "Islam is a theocratic murdering pyramid schema cult."

I am attaching a map of last weeks demographics showing a followers of my  web site "http://www.thewaythetruthandthelife.net/index/0_contents.htm".
I am concerned that if I die all my work on YouTube and my web site will be lost. I would like to find someone to keep this work alive if I die.

As I write to you the thought is to invite anyone viewing the work to down load it and continue building on it comes to mind.
As for the web site "http://www.thewaythetruthandthelife.net". (725 visitors for week)

the improvements in organization are in the works and much is un excusable at present. The web site work is encyclopedic and requires a knowledge of html
coding. I feel bad that I had no one to back me up as editor of the site. The site uses html "frames" which many avoid but frames are not essential.
If you have any ideas please let me know. If you know anyone that can edit html files and would be interested in
administering the web site if I would have a stroke or die.

My Uncle Clyde was using the computer for his work on Genealogy. He had a stroke and lost the ability to work the computer
over night!

Care as it is in Christ, Don.

PS: The threats were reported to FSB in Russia so I feel sure that the source of threats is being monitored. I pass
through Russian and USA borders 4 times a year. When they look at the screen I get waved on without delay. Even though I visit Islamic sites and track Islamic
terror daily (see "http://www.thewaythetruthandthelife.net/index/2_background/2-6_islamic/2013-alarms.htm"
they understand I am not the threat.

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