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Response from Cathy

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:14 AM
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I feel so compelled to respond to this although I should probably just have deleted it.
My children went to daycare, and are very bright, loving children who love people.  Not just Americans.  They hold no animosity towards "groups of people" that they have never individually met.  They look at the world with hope for the future and concern for our planet, the starving in other countries, and those who are stereotyped against by those who judge all men by their own extremist beliefs.  They don't hate as you show that you do in this email.  My children are high achievers at the top of their classes, winning awards and scholarship, volunteering to help children, and leading very responsible lives - staying true to who they are by not drinking, partying, etc.  AND THEY WENT TO DAYCARE.  Autism is a sad thing, and to link it to daycare is absurd.  Purely absurd.  Autism used to not be diagnosed and treated.  As stigmas attached to these conditions decrease, and treatments increase, there is more testing and more diagnosis.  That the number of children in daycare increased has nothing to do with this. 
You could also try to link how much chicken children eat, etc. to the rise in autism.  ABSURD!!!
In the future, if you want to send out emails with such hateful messages about others - PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ME ON THE EMAIL LIST.
I am a loving person, and this makes me feel really bad that there are actually people like you who have so much hate in their hearts.  I have never seen hate first hand like this before.