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2-7-1-3 Rahn Family - Walter Fritz Rahn Family Album

Created From Previous Work July 2007- Kenmore, NY-
Last revised October 2009 Stavropol region, Russia
The Way The Truth And The Life
2003, 2006, 2007,2015 Donald Johnson

Germany Background

0 Grandma Rahn (born Germany),
1 Mother and Step Father Walter (born Germany),
2 Korte Family Sponsored from Germany,
3 Klaus and Karen Korte Wedding,
4 Five Children and Three Spouses,
5 Grandpa With 3 Grand Children,
6 Mert Mother Margaret Helper Don Dad,
7 Steve (served ww2 in Ger- with Dad) and Lillian Belak,
8 Me mother Don and Dad-
9 Me mother Bud Don and Dad-