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Birth Certificates 


My father Clinton Alexander Johnson. He was Born in Pennsylvania of a Swedish background. He was a High School graduate. He played guitar occasionally in a country music band. He worked in a coal mine.


My mother Olive Kathleen (Pelton) was born August 1912 in Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania. Her parents were of English background. She had been a school teacher.  I had an older brother Robert Clinton Johnson born June 9, 1938.

1939 Born 9/13/1939:
I was borne in Winber Hospital. We lived in Saint Michael, Pennsylvania.

We lived in a Company House, bought food and clothes at the Company Store and we had medical care from the Company Doctor. Rent and bills were deducted from my father's wages. By law they had to give him at least $2 a week and that is all my family was getting.


Birth Certificates

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