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2007 Islamic Alarms!

Question, "What do we have to start with?" Answer, " Experience."
Conclusion, "That is our foundation to reason on! Not What Some or One Said!"

July 2007 Starting Keeping The News

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Koran Operational Definition Of A Murdering Cult?

Motivation for collecting observations of Islam - Koran Sura 8 and 9

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How terror ramped up in 2014 and my response

Explaination Of Concern mp3  

2007-06-03a Start Regular Observations Of Islamic Terror Events 
2007-04-14 Christians Beheaded In Kashmir 
2007-04-18  ® Shame Turkey Three Christian Missionaries Tortured Then Murdered
Kosovo Muslims Plot To Murder Soldiers At Fort Dix In USA
Returning to New York From Moscow!
2007-07-02 These Are Doctors Following The Koran!
2007-07-04 Three admit inciting terror acts!
2007-07-06 Man jailed over terror cell plans!
2007-07-12 Philippine 14 marines killed in clash with Muslim rebels
2007.07.15 Boys trained to murder and commit suicide!
2007-09-15 Offer $150,000.00 to murder a Swedish Cartoonist!
2007-09-29 Imam Killed for Speaking against Islamic Jihadist (Russia)
2007-10-05 Again! 10 Christians slaughtered
2007-10-31 Eight Dead In Russia Bus Bomb Blast!
2007-11-05 'Thousands' pose UK terror threat!
2007-11-06 Italy Breaks Up European Terror Cell!
2007-11-06 Italy Breaks Up European Terror Cell!

2007-02-20 Favor Iran Having Nuclear Weapons?!
2007-02-20b Favor Iran Having Nuclear Weapons?!
2007-11-15 42 women killed between July and September!
Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes & si months in jail!
a Rape Victim Defends Decision
b BBC - Saudi Gang Rape Sentence 'Unjust'
c Your emails on the Saudi rape case
d VOA - Saudi Arabia Defends Rape Victim's Sentencing
e What the Koran Teaches
f  Saudi Officials Defend Punishing The Rape Victim!
g After First Lady Visit Saudi King Pardons The Rape Victim!
2007-11-23 Blast Hits Three Northern Indian Cities Killing 13!
2007-12-05 Sudan English Teacher Arrested Over Teddy Bear!
2007-12-09 Bus Blast On Our Route For Registration In Stavropol
2007-12-27 Russian Missiles Protect Iran's Nuclear Projects
2007-10-05 Again! 10 Christians slaughtered.