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1968-2001 Some Recent Islamic History

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(Note:  The West changed greatly in the 1960s. And in response, so did the world, and so did Islam. In particular, and politically, the West underwent a powerful Second Socialist Wave [after the First one with the New Deal 1930s]. This new "Great Society," "Civil Rights Era," "New Left," "hippie generation," etc. saw a
profound upswing in cultural anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism. Even, and especially, in the West and America. Islam noted all this and changed dramatically -- and almost completely for the worse. Then, in 1967, tiny Israel defeated six massive Islamic armies simultaneously. And Islam changed even more dramatically -- and even more for the worse. Hence, today's Islam.)

March 1968:  Al Fatah uses a land mine to destroy a school bus in Israel's Negev desert; the Palestinians murder two adults and injure 28 children.

June 1968:   Jordanian Sirhan Sirhan assassinates American presidential candidate Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles; the killer's arrest generates further attacks as Arabs demand his release.

July 1968:  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine daringly carries out its first ever aircraft hijacking, seizing an El Al 707 in Rome; they take it to Algeria and hold 32 Jewish passengers hostage for five weeks.

September 1968:  Three bombs explode in central Tel Aviv, killing one Israeli and wounding 71 civilians.

November 1968:  Yasir Arafat's Al Fatah bombs the Mahaneh Yehuda market in Israel; the Palestinians murder 12 civilians and injure 52 more.

December 1968:  The PLO machine guns an El Al aircraft at the Athens airport, murdering an Israeli; two of the killers are captured, but a Greek plane is soon hijacked and taked to Beruit, so the Greek government releases both.

February 1969:  Palestinians attack an El Al 707 on the runway at Zurich airport; they rake the fuselage with gunfire, killing the pilot and three passengers.

February 1969:  Palestinians explode a bomb in a crowded supermarket in Jerusalem, killing two and injuring 20.

August 1969:  The PLO hijacks a TWA airliner from Rome and forces it to fly to Damascus, Syria where the Arabs explode a bomb in the cockpit of the plane.

October 1969:  Palestinians bomb two apartments in Haifa, murdering four Israeli civilians and injuring 20 others.

February 1970:  Three Arabs attempt to hijack an El Al flight in Munich, Germany; one Israeli is killed and 11 others wounded.

February 1970:  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine blows up a Swiss airliner just after take-off from Zurich, Switzerland; all 47 people on board are killed.

May 1970:  Turkish militants assassinate the Israeli consul general in Istanbul in a joint operation with their Palestinian allies.

September 1970:  "Skyjack Sunday" at Dawson Field, Jordan; planes from TWA, Swissair, and BOAC -- plus more than 400 hostages -- are hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; another team tries to hijack an El Al plane over London but fails, as one of the members, Leila Khalid, is captured; three planes divert to Jordan where the German, Swiss and British governments agree to the PFLP's demands and release a number of previously-captured murderers, including Khalid.

November 1970:  The Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tal is killed by Palestinian Black Septemberists at the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt

December 1970:  The Jordanian Ambassador to England, is shot and wounded in London by a Black September hit squad.

May 1971:  Palestinian Black Septemberists hijack a Belgian Sabena airliner at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel; Israeli commandos eventually storm the plane and free the hostages, but one passenger and five Israeli soldiers are killed.

May 1972:  In a joint operation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Japanese Red Army open fire with machine guns and grenades at a passenger terminal at Lod Airport, Israel; 26 civilians are killed and 78 wounded.

September 1972:  Eight heavily-armed Palestinian Black September members invade the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany and seize 11 Israeli athletes; despite a massive worldwide t'v' audience, all are murdered.

September 1972:  A Palestinian letter bomb kills a member of the Israeli embassy staff in London, England.

March 1973:  Palestinian Black Septemberists murder an Israeli businessman in Cyprus.

August 1973:  A Black September suicide squad attacks passenger terminals at Athens airport, Greece, killing three civilians and injuring 55.

December 1973:  Palestinians bomb the Pan Am offices at Fiumicino Airport in Rome; 32 are murdered and 50 injured; they then take seven Italian policemen hostage and hijack a plane to Athens, Greece; they then fly to Kuwait and kill one of the hostages on the way before finally surrendering.

March 1974:  Black Septemberist Palestinians seize the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, and take hostages, including diplomats from Western and Arabic countries; they murder two American and one Belgian diplomats.

April 1974:  the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine seize part of the Qirayt Shemona settlement in northern Israel; they detonate explosives and 18 Israelis are slaughtered.

May 1974:  The PLO attacks the Ma'alot School in Israel and murders 28, all but six children.

June 1974:  The Shamir Kibbutz in Israel is raided by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and three civilians are murdered.

June 1974:  Al Fatah Palestinians land by boat near Nahariya, Israel, and attempt to take civilians hostage, with three Israelis killed.

November 1974:  A British airliner is hijacked at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by Palestinians; it's flown to Tunisia where a German passenger is murdered.

January 1975:  Arab militants attack Orly Airport in Paris, and seize ten hostages from a terminal bathroom; the French government gives the Arabs a plane, and flies them to safety in Baghdad, Iraq.

January 1975:  Leading politician Peter Lorenz is kidnapped in West Berlin, Germany by the June the Second Movement group; four days later the German government gives in to the Movementists' demands; they are released and five other jailed terrorists are flown to freedom in South Yemen.

December 1975:  Celebrity international terrorist, Carlos "The Jackal" holds 11 oil ministers and 59 civilians hostage during an OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria; he flies to Algeria and receives several hundred million dollars in ransom money; "The Jackal" and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine allies escape.

June 1976:  An Air France airliner is hijacked by a joint operation of the German Baader-Meinhof gang and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; the plane crew is forced to fly to Entebbe Airport, Uganda with 258 passengers and crew held hostage; all non-Israelis are eventually released, but with heavy threats made to the remaining passengers; miraculously, Israeli commandos fly to Uganda and, in a spectacular surprise raid, rescue the remaining hostages, with only three passengers and one commando killed.

August 1976:  A joint operation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Japanese Red Army attack a passenger terminal at Istanbul Airport, Turkey; they murder four civilians and injure 20.

October 1977:  Four Palestinians hijack a German Lufthansa airliner, and fly it around to a number of Middle East destinations for four days; the pilot is murdered, but eventually special German and British forces storm the aircraft at Mogadishu, Somalia and rescue all 90 hostages.

February 1978:  An airplane is hijacked at Larnica, Cyprus by an Arab who has just murdered a leading Egyptian publisher; the plane is refused permission to land at a number of Arab capitals and returns to Larnica; Egyptian commandos eventually land there and try to recapture the plane, but end up in a gun battle with Cypriot troops; 15 Egyptian troops, seven Cypriot soldiers, and a German cameraman are killed.

March 1978:  Nine Al Fatah Palestinians stage a raid by sea; the Arabs land in Israel and hijack a passenger bus, killing 26 civilians and wounding 70.

August 1978:  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine murders an El Al stewardess outside the Europa Hotel in London, England.

November 1979:  Iranian "students" seize the US Embassy in Tehran, taking 66 American diplomats hostage; 13 prisoners, the blacks and women, are released after a while, but the rest are held for 444 days; a US rescue effort in April 1980 fails when a helicopter crashes, killing eight American servicemen and injuring five.

November 1979:  200 fundamentalists seize the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, taking hundreds of pilgrims hostage; Saudi and French security forces retake the  ultra-holy shrine after a intense battle; about 250 are killed and 600 wounded.

April 1980:  Six Iraqi-backed Iranians storm the Iranian Embassy in London, taking 20 hostages; after six days the embassy is finally recaptured by elite British troops, but two hostages are murdered and two more wounded.

July 1980:  Iranians attempt to assassinate the Shah's last prime minister, Shahpour Bakhtiar, in Paris. Two Iranians are killed and five captured by police.

July 1980:  Palestinians attack Israel from Lebanon in a hot air balloon.

October 1980:  Four Jews are killed and 12 injured by a Palestinian bomb planted in a Paris synagogue.

October 1980:  Four Iranians hijack a Turkish airliner after it landed in eastern Turkey; they take 155 hostages and kill one.

April 1981:  Palestinian militants attack Israel from Lebanon in a hot air balloon.

May 1981:  Pope John Paul II is seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in Rome, by the Turkish Gray Wolves member Mehmet Ali Agca; he had received training by various Middle Eastern terrorists groups and Soviet intelligence services.

October 1981:  Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is shot dead by rebel troops who machine gun his reviewing stand at a military parade in Cairo; seven others are murdered and 28 wounded.

June 1982:  The Abu Nidal group shoots and seriously injures Shlomo Argov, the Israeli ambassador in London, England.

September 1982:  Lebanese President and worldwide hope Bashir Gemayel is assassinated by a massive car bomb at a Beirut political meeting, by a pro-Syrian Lebanese group; the others in the car were killed and about 50 civilians were injured in the blast.

November 1982:  A Israeli military headquarters in Tyre, Lebanon is destroyed by a suicide bomber, killing 75 Israeli soldiers and 15 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

April 1983:  Islamic Jihad uses a suicide bomber in a truck to attack the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon; 65 are murdered and 120 injured. July 23

October 1983:  Islamic Jihad attacks an international peace-keeping mission using simultaneous suicide truck bombs on American and French compounds in Beirut, Lebanon; 241 Americans and 58 French servicemen are murdered.

November 1983:  Suicide truck bombers attack an Israeli military installation in Tyre, Lebanon; 28 Israeli soldiers are killed along with 30 other Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

December 1983:  The US Embassy in Kuwait is targeted by an Iranian-backed Iraqi suicide truck bomber; the attack is foiled by guards, but the bomb explodes anyway in the Embassy courtyard, killing five.

March 1984:  Islamic Jihad kidnaps, tortures and murders William Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut, Lebanon.

April 1984:  Hesbollah bombs a restaurant near the USAF base in Torrejon, Spain; 18 airmen are killed and 83 others wounded.

April 1984:  Libyan diplomats shoot from their London embassy and kill a British policewoman; the British plan to respond, but the Libyans threaten their citizens in Libya, so the government decides to allow the murderers to leave the country without arrest.

September 1984:  A Hezbollah suicide bomber attacks the US Embassy in East Beirut; he murders 23 and injures 21, including American and British ambassadors.

December 1984:  Iranian-backed Iraqis hijack a Kuwaiti airliner in route to Pakistan from Dubai; they kill two Americans and then land in Tehran; the terrorists surrender to the Iranian authorities but are quickly released.

March 1985:  US journalist Terry Anderson is kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon by Iranian-backed radicals, and held prisoner for almost seven years.

June 1985:  Hezbollah hijacks a TWA airliner enroute from Athens to Rome; the plane is diverted to Beruit where 153 civilians are held hostage for 17 days and one American is murdered; the US government caves in to terrorist demands and forces Israel to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

June 1985:  US academic Thomas Sutherland, from the American University in Beirut, is kidnapped by terrorists and held for more than six years.

October 1985:  Four heavily-armed terrorists from the Tunisia-based (now Iraqi-based) Palestinian Liberation Front invade and hijack the Italian cruiseship 'Achille Lauro,' taking more than 700 hostages; they murder crippled Jewish civilian Leon Klinghoffer, throwing his 69-year-old body and wheelchair overboard.

September 1985:  PLO Force 17 commandos murder three Israeli tourists aboard their yacht at the Larnica marina in Cyprus.

September 1985:  Hezbollah kidnaps four Soviet diplomats in Beirut, killing one; then the KGB itself kidnaps -- and kills -- one of the relatives of the Hezbollah leaders; the other three hostages are released unharmed; but the West learns no lesson from this.

November 1985:  Palestinians hijack and Eqypt Air flight at Luqa, Malta, taking 98 civilians hostages; five are shot and two die; Egyptian commandos try to rescue them, but the terrorists set off explosives and murder 57.

December 1985:  Abu Nidal simultaneously attacks passengers at air terminals in Vienna and Rome; they use machine guns and grenades to kill 16 and injure more than 100.

April 1986:  Libyans and Palestinians plant a bomb at 'La Belle' Discotheque -- a well-known hangout for American soldiers in West Berlin; they murder a Turkish woman and two US servicemen; they also injure 79 other soldiers and 150 civilians; ten days later, the US bombs Libya in reprisal, hitting targets in Tripoli and Benghazi; but one F-111 is shot down, killing both crew members, and three British hostages in Lebanon are executed in response.

April 1986:  British t'v' journalist John McCarthy is seized in Beirut and held hostage for more than five years.

September 1986:  Arabs seize an American 747 airliner in Pakistan, killing 17 and wounding 127.

September 1986:  US academic Joseph Cicippio, from the Amercian University in Beruit, is kidnapped by Iranian-backed militants and held for over five years.

September 1986:  Lebanese and Armenians begin a ten month series of bomb attacks in France; one bomb in Paris kills five and injures 52.

October 1986:  American businessman Edward Tracy is kidnapped in Lebanon and held for almost five years.

January 1987:  British church envoy Terry Waite is kidnapped in Beirut while on a mission to secure the release of other Western hostages; he's held by Iranian-backed fundamentalists for almost five years.

January 1987:  Americans Jesse Turner and Alann Steen are seized in Beirut and held for almost five years.

November 1987:  Palestinians hang glide into Israel from Lebanon; they attack an army camp, killing six and wounding eight.

February 1988:  US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel W. Higgens is kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organisation in southern Lebanon.

March 1988:  To help put down a revolt against dictator Saddam Hussein, 4000 Kurdish civilians are masacred during an Iraqi nerve gas attack against Halabja in northern Iraq.

December 1988:  Iran pays the 'Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine' to blow up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland; 81 foreigners and 189 Americans are murdered.

April 1988:  Iranian-backed shi'ites hijack a Kuwaiti 747 and hold 120 people hostage for 15 days before finally being granted asylum in Algeria.

June 1988:  the November 17th group kills a US Naval Attache in Athens.

May 1989:  An Iranian-backed group kidnaps British World War II vet Jackie Mann in Beruit and holds him for two plus years; same thing for German aid workers Heinrich Struebig and Thomas Kemptner; all told, at least 80 known Westerners are kidnapped in this era around Beruit.

September 1989:  Libyans explode a French UTA airliner in mid-air over Niger, murdering 170.

August 1990:  Iraq invades Kuwait and holds over 10,000 Western civilians living in Iraq and Kuwait as hostages; these "human shields" are used to prevent Western military action at recapturing Kuwait; after many months and little result, all are released.

March 1992:  The Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is devastated by a bomb which kills 20 and injures over 50.

May 1992:  Islamic Jihad murders an Israeli tourist at the Red Sea resort of Eilat.

January 1993:  Japanese tourists are fired upon in southern Eqypt; the next day, militants try to bomb a bus carrying German tourists in northern Egypt.

February 1993:  Fundamentalists set off a huge car bomb in an underground garage and badly damage the World Trade Center in New York; they kill six, injure more than 1000, and do over a billion(!) dollar's worth of damage; but Westerners and Americans learn no lesson from this.

April 1993:  The Iraqi intelligence service attempts to assassinate former US President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait.

June 1994:  Chechen rebels take over 1000 hostages at Budennovsk, Russia; they murder 150 before the Russian government allows them to go free in exchange for the return of the remaining hostages.

July 1994:  Iranian government officials bomb a Jewish social center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, murdering 40.

September 1994:  The November 17 group explodes a bomb on a bus in Greece, killing one policeman and injuring 13 others.

July to October 1994:  The Algerian 'Armed Islamic Group' unleashes a wave of bombings in Metro trains, outdoor markets, cafes, schools, and popular tourist spots in France; eight people are murdered and more than 180 are wounded.

October 1994:  A Hamas suicide bomber kills 22 civilians and injures 47 on a bus in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

October 1994:  Two Spanish nuns are murdered in Algeria.

December 1994:  Algerians seize an Air France plane and force it to fly to Marseilles, France; they hold 170 passengers and crew hostage until rescued; 16 are injured.

May 1995:  Five foreign oil workers are murdered in Algeria.

June 1995:  Fundamentalists ambush a motorcade and attempt tp assassinate Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak in Addis Abbaba.

July 1995:  Five British, German, Norwegian and American tourists are kidnapped by Pakistani-backed Kashmiri rebels in the north of the disputed province in India; one is found beheaded in October and the rest are shot and killed in May 1996.

July 1995:  Algerians explode a bomb in a Paris subway, murdering seven and injuring 84.

October 1995:  Eight civilians die when their mosque is bombed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

late 1995:  Terrorists plot to assassinate the Pope when he visits the Philippines.

late 1995:  Terrorists hatch the so-called 'Project Bjinka' which plans to down 11 large US passenger jets over the Pacific.

November 1995:  Seven foreigners, including five US servicemen, are killed in a bomb attack on a National Guard training center in Riyadh.

November 1995:  Militants plant a bomb in the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan and murder 17.

December 1995: 15 separate car bombings in Algiers kill 15 civilians and injure hundreds.

January 1996:  Chechen rebels seize 3000 civilian hostages in Kizlyar, Dagestan, in protest of continued Russian occupation of Chechnia; Russian troops free them, but other rebels seize a ship in Turkey, taking 118 Russians and 4 Turks hostage before finally surrendering to Turkish authorities.

February 1996:  Algerian GIA terrorists explode a car bomb in Algiers killing 17; in March they kill two more with a bomb in Berroughi; then ten are killed in a train ambush in western Algeria.

February 1996:  A Hamas suicide bomber kills 26 Israeli civilians on a bus in Hebron; an hour later another Hamas bomber kills one and injures 35 in Ashkelon; a day later a Palestinian rams a bus line in Tel Aviv killing one and wounding 23.

March 1996:  A Hamas suicide bomber kills 18 Israeli civilians and wounds ten on a bus in Jerusalem; a day later another Hamas bomber kills 13 and wounds about 40 in a shopping mall on Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv.

April 1996:  Egyptian militants open machine-gun fire and throw hand grenades at Western tourists outside a Cairo hotel, murdering 18.

April 1996:  Fundamentalists open fire on tourists near the Eqyptian Pyramids and murder 18 Greeks.

June 1996:  Militants explode a truck bomb next to the 'Al Khobar' US Air Force barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring 385.

August 1996:  Iraqi dissidents hijack a Sudan Airways plane en route from Khartoom to Jordan; they divert it to Stanstead, England, and take 193 civilians hostage.

November 1996:  Militants hijack an Ethopian Airways airliner enroute from Addis Adaba to Niarobi and divert it to Australia; unbelievably, it runs out of fuel and crashes into the Indian Ocean near Comoros Islands killing 123 of 175 on board.

December 1996:  A small child is bombed to death at his Algerian school. The next day, GIA guerillas bomb a cafe in Algiers, killing three and injuring 70. The next week, a car bomb in central Algiers kills 28 and injures 35 more.

January 1997:  Rebels opposed to Indian rule explode a car bomb in the Kashmiri capital of Srinigar, killing four and injuring three police.

January 1997:  GIAists attack two small Algerian villages killing 34; the nest week, they set off a car bomb in a shopping center in Algiers, killing 13 and wounding about 100; the week after, they slit the throats of 14 villagers and behead them near the city of Bilda, Algeria.

January 1997:  Two letter bombs explode:  one at the officers of the Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat, in London and the other at the United Nations in New York.

January 1997:  A car bomb in Algiers kills 45 and wounds 60, just hours after another 36 innocents were killed by Algerian rebels south of the capital; A further 79 people are killed in attacks on villages the next day; the day after that, a further bombing kills 18 and injures 44; a week later, five more are bombed to death in Blida; the week after, fundamentalists attack a small village with long knives and murder 28 more.

January 1997:  Shi'ite gunmen attack the Iranian cultural center in Multan, Pakistan; the center's director is killed as are seven others.

March 1997:  Guerillas in northeast Algeria attack with knives and axes killing 22 civilians.

April 1997:  More than 90 civilians are killed by guerillas in a series of attacks in Algeria, mostly using knives; but some militants use chain saws and many victims get burnt alive.

April 1997:  93 more innocents are killed with knives, axes and shovels by guerillas near Algiers; the next day, a further 42 people are killed in a similar attack.

May 1997:  Two car bombs kill 15 and wound 23 in northwest Algeria.

July 1997:  Palestinian suicide bombers murder eight Israel.

September 1997:  Palestinian suicide bombers murder 12 in Israel.

September 1997:  Fundamentalists fire bomb and machine gun a bus in the heart of Cairo, murdering eight German tourists.

September 1997:  Guerillas attack a suburb of Algiers massacrering 200 with axes and knives.

November 1997:  Guerillas from Gamat Al-Islamiya attack Western tourists visiting monuments in Luxor in southern Egypt; 58 foreigners and four Egyptians are slaughtered with dozens more seriously injured.

December 1997:  A car bomb in central Algiers kills three and wounds 70.

August 1998:  Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden simultaneously, massively bombs the US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-es-Salem, Tanzania; in the Tanzania attack, 10 innocents are murdered and 74 injured; in the Nairobi attack, 253 people are killed, including 12 Americans, and 4,000 are injured.

August 1998:  Muslims Against Global Oppression bomb a Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, killing three and wounding 25.

August 1998:  18 are injured in a bombing in Tel Aviv.

December 1998:  Yemini militants kidnap a group of Western tourists, including 12 Britons, 2 Americans, and 2 Australians on the main road to Aden; they murder four the next day.

October  2000:  The USS Cole is attacked in Yemen by suicide boat bombers, murdering 17 sailors and virtually destroying the frigate.

September  2001:  Al Qaida hijacks four US airliners simultaneously and turns them into the first-ever suicide plane bombs; three crash into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, murdering about 3000 civilians.