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Societal 2.5

2.5.9 Human genocide, homicide, infanticide, torture
(Islam - Communism - Fasism - Women's Liberation - Psychiatry) 

Introduction:  model
genocide, homicide, infanticide
Mohammad said About Jesus Roma (Gypsy) Origins & History Negationism of Muslim Genocide Spain 711 Islamic Terror 400 Yrs. The Crusades In Context People's Crusade Part Of The 1st The First Crusade Muslim's Ransom 10% of Budget First Barbary War Jefferson's Muslim book of jihad Keith Ellison - Muslim Politician
C.A.I.R. Friends Of Terror VOA Silenced Apostasy in Islam Kill Someone For Being Christian! Joseph's Tomb is now destroyed!, Cutting Off Hands - 1 Beheading, Cutting Off Hands - 2 Isn't Islam a cult by Mohammed ? Dishonorable History Islam's Influence (copy cats) Obama: Apostate from Islam? American Islamic Schools
Islamist Reporter Killed In Russia Reporter Ingushetiya Shot Dead Women Killed for Family "Honor"
Cast Hate More Cast Hatred
Albinos In Africa The Class Struggle After The Experiment Marriage Feminist Movement
Abortion Statistics Unwed Mothers Declining Population In Europe Woman kinder kirche Kuche Women's Lib Movement Duke U Psychiatry Adolf Hitler
CIA Shock 1 CIA Shock 2 Psychiatry Drug-Shock-Lobotomy Kendra's Law Update 2006 Academic Falseness