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2.5.20 Defaming Christianity And False Christ

Christianity is loving God (in whom we live and move and have our being), and loving our neighbor like our self!
This requires loving our self, this requires a healthy nursing bond and healthy parenting!

There Are Different Elements To The Defaming
(Some are internal and some external)

Renaissance, Reformation, Industrial Revolution, Age of Reason,
Communism, Islamism, Anti Nursing-bondage (Women's Liberation).
And Many Great Christian Discoverers Like Euler Not Well Known!!! Reversion To A Trained, Paid Priesthood And Temple The Elevation Of Saints To Sub Devine Status For Worship The Affluent Degrading Of Childhood Mammalian Humanity The Accumulation Of Worldly Wealth And Power
               The Rothschild Family Islam - Sophistry Covering A Murderous Political/Religious Cult The Academic Perpetuation Of Antichrist Literature Environmentalists Fail To See The Higher Levels Of Love
               Spreading Fear But Is What Is Said True Or False? True!
    Examples Of The Work Of Love In The Spirit Of Truth Christ Promised Newton Motivated In Science and Mathematics By Study Of Christ Euler Motivated In Science and Mathematics By Study Of Christ

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