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2.5.11 Hungary

An Insanity is to reason perfectly on a false assumption! Many are taught at Universities!
Don't memorize. Experience physical and behavioral Reality!

Question, "What do we have to start with?"
Answer, "Experience."
Conclusion, "That is our foundation to reason on!"

To Andrew My Son-in-law and Tibor My Friend. History Of Hungary From Wikipedia Hungarian Language Hungarian Archeological Artifacts A Hungarian Chronology Hungary 56 Hungary 56 Freedom Fighters - Resulting Life My Time With Tibor

I met Tibor about 1960 taking Calculus in Millard Fillmore College SUNY AB. The professor had a broken accent and Tibor had trouble understanding him. I tutored Tibor for my supper at his home with Kay his first wife. Kay and Tibor divorce about 1960 and Kay went back to England. In 1962 I worked in Syracuse and would visit Tibor week ends in Buffalo to play chess and talk politics. His girl friend at the time brought Pat to meet me and we ended up marrying in 1963.
A picture I took at a 1971 visit. Center back is Tibor Cseley. Left is Tibor's second wife a Medical Student at the time Right is my first wife Pat. Front right three are my children. The left three are Tibor's. I talked to Tibor about 2006. His wife was a Doctor and He a land owner in the USA and in Hungary.

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