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2.5.3 Indo-European

An Insanity is to reason perfectly on a false assumption! Many are taught at Universities!
Don't memorize. Experience physical and behavioral Reality!

Question, "What do we have to start with?"
Answer, "Experience."
Conclusion, "That is our foundation to reason on!" Mammoth Hunters An Introduction to the  Russian and Scandinavian History
             (Fur Trade in Siberia,  Some Russian and Scandinavian History and the Mongols) Russia/Scandinavia Time Line 1: 25,000 BP to 1299 AD Russia/Scandinavia Time Line 2: 1300-1599 Russia/Scandinavia Time Line 3: 1600-20th Century Proto-Indo-European Early Indo-European Languages - Scientific American The Paleolithic Indo-Europeans From Cory Panshin
              http://www.enter.net/~torve/trogholm/wonder/indoeuropean/indoeuropean1.html Indo-European Linguistics - Wikipedia Linguistics - Wikipedia Language - Wikipedia Genetics - Wikipedia Jean M. Auel (Early Indo-European Fiction) Earth's Children Series The Clan of the Cave Bear, 1980 The Valley of Horses, 1982 The Mammoth Hunters, 1985 The Plains of Passage, 1990 The Shelters of Stone, 2002

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