2.3 Biological

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 Cultural 2.5

2.4 Society/Culture Insights (Searching for Organization)

2.4 Introduction 2-4-00_society-culture-insights.htm
2.4.0 Time Map Of The Origin Of Intelligent Life 2-4-02-1_origin-map.htm
2.4.1 Overview Of Mammalian Behaviors 2-4-01_mammilian-overview.htm
2.4.2 Overview Of Development The Mammoth 4802k-4500-BC 0-004-800-000_to-2-500bc-mammoth.htm Three age system 0-002-650-000_to-500-bc-age-systems.htm The Stone Ages 2.6m - 1k BC (Paleolithic) Canoes Bows 0-002-600-000_to-10-000bc-paleolithic.htm Pleistocene 1800k-10k BC 0-001-800-000_to-10-000bc-pleistocene.htm First fire make790k BC 0-000-788-000_bc-first-fire.htm
2.4.00 Ancient humans, dubbed 'Denisovans', interbred with us 0-000-050-000_bc_inbreeding-canniblism.htm
Peopling Europe 0-000-043-000-bc_to-2011-ad-peopling-europe.htm
2.4.03 Mammoth Eater's Homes 0-000-040-000_to-10-000-bc_upper-paleolithic-mommoth-homes.htm Middle Stone Age 20k - 10k BC (Mesolithic) Language 0-000-020-000_to-10-000-bc-mesolithic.htm
2.4.03 Mammoth Boats 0-000-015-000_to-10-000-bc_mamoth-boats.htm
2.4. Motive For Large Ships 0-000-012-000_bc-motive-for-large-ships.htm Was Megalithic Culture Earth's First Empire? (below:Heyerdahl's theory of Polynesian origins) 0-000-010-000_bc-stars-and-ships-world-sailing.htm Late Stone Age 10k - 1k BC (Neolithic) Sailing Farming, Herding 0-000-010-000_to-2-800-bc-neolithic.htm Holocene 10k-BC - Present 0-000-010-000_bc-to-present-holocene.htm
2.4.5. 1 World 8,000–2,000 b.c. 0-000-008-000_to-2-000-bc-world-art.htm
2.4.4. 5 Megalithic Wiki 0-000-008-000_bc-to-recorded-history-megalithic-wiki.htm
2.4.4. 4 Archaeoastronomy 0-000-008-000_bc-to-recorded-history-archaeoastronomy.htm Domestication Oxen 7k BC 0-000-007-000_bc-the-ox.htm Early Writing 6k -  4k BC 0-000-006-000_to-4-000-bc-early-writing.htm The Horse Domesticated 4k BC 0-000-004-000_bc-the-horse.htm History Of Alphabet 2k BC 0-000-004-000_bc-history-of-alphabet.htm Copper Age 4k - 1k BC (Chalcolithic) Horses, Raids, Writing 0-000-004-000_to-1-000-bc-chalcolithic.htm
2.4.4. 3 Spread By Sea 0-000-004-000_to-3-000-bc-world-monuments.htm
2.4.4. 6 Sky Father 0-000-004-000_bc-to-recorded-history-sky-father.htm
3,500 BC Horses tamed earlier than thought 0-000-003-500_bc-horses-domesticated-kazakhstan.htm Ancient Jade Study Sheds Light On Sea Trade 0-000-003-000_bc-ancient-Jade-sea-trade.htm Bronze Age 3k - 600 BC 0-000-003-000_bc-to-600-ad-bronze-age.htm Vedic Period 2k - 600 BC 0-000-002-000_to-600-bc-vedic-period.htm History Of Ferrous Metallurgy. 1.5k - 600 BC 0-000-001-500_to-600-bc-ferrous-metallurgy.htm Iron Age 1.2k - 200 BC 0-000-001-200_to-200-bc-iron-age.htm Zhou Dynasty 1122 -  256 BC 0-000-001-122_to-256-bc-zhou-dynasty.htm Axial Age 800 - 200 BC 0-000-000-800_to-200-bc-pivotal-age.htm Classical Antiquity  800 BC -  600 AD 0-000-000-800_bc-to-600-ad-classical-antiquity.htm Wall Of China 600 BC - 1600 AD 0-000-000-600_bc-to-1-500-ad-china-wall.htm

2.4.04 Night Sky Guidance Societies
2.4.05 Domination and Control
2.4.06 Making gods/god
2.4.07 Most High Unseen God
2.4.08 Healthy Child Development
2.4.09 Healthy Person - Serving Mankind
2.4.10 Religion And Cult Background
2.4.11 Recent Affairs
2.4.12 Serving The Spirit Of Truth
2.4.13 Defaming Christianity
2.4.14 Anti-human

2.4.x Wooden Stonehenge  Prehistoric Ohio
2.4.y 2-5-1-2_dunbars-number


society The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition © 2004 -Dictionary: so·ci·e·ty n., pl., -ties
  1. The totality of social relationships among humans.
  2. A group of humans broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture.
  3. The institutions and culture of a distinct self-perpetuating group.